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Infinite Alignment

Our Retreats & Programs Will

Free Yourself from Trauma & Fear
Reclaim Your Well-Being
Discover Your Life Purpose
All Through Higher Consciousness


Our Custom Retreats & Programs are Specifically Tailored to Help You..

  • Clear Emotional Trauma

  • Reclaim Your Energy for Life

  • Discover Your Higher Purpose

  • Positively Impact the World

  • Create Loving Relationships

  • Thrive in Changing Times

We've heard from so many people we've worked with that our programs and retreats have forever changed their lives, yours could be next!

Our integral ROSE process (Reveal, Observe, Surrender, Evolve) will lead you into a personal journey of powerful awakening to the miraculous life that awaits you!

Our post-retreat virtual sessions are invaluable to your journey and will contribute to your life-long change that will serve you for years to come.

Your journey will be specifically tailored to your needs within these three general paths:

Our Personalized Programs & Retreats Accelerate Your Unique Path to Higher Consciousness.


We Integrate Practical Mindfulness & Advanced Energy Therapies to Target Your Needs

 Dissolve depression and anxiety with Trauma Healing Coaching to reclaim wholeness, vitality and joy.




Heal, restore and rejuvenate as you re-align with your true nature. Experience peace of mind and energetic relief from anxiety symptoms. 



Find relief from acute and chronic health issues. Discover a new level of health and vitality by activating and strengthening your body's own innate healing system.  



Christine Pollock
Holistic Energy Practitioner


John Fick
Trauma Healing Coach

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