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Top 3 Reasons to Awaken Self-Love

As you love yourself, life will love you back. 

Kamal Ravikant

  1. Reclaim your Life’s Energy -  Healing Yourself  - Love allows you to naturally shift from the conscious into the subconscious mind where healing occurs. The mind and heart know that LOVE Heals.

  2. Create Positive Loving Relationships - When you are filled with self-love, you will embody it and experience it externally.  The World reflects the love back to you. Life becomes magical.

  3. Live Life with Purpose  - LOVE surrounds us and awakens us to our innate passions and joy. On a fundamental level we have been energetically wired as eternal love for ages.

Whenever we are faced with fear, anxiety, lack of purpose or feeling stuck in our daily life, paradoxically, these are gateways to deep inner truth - the eternal light at the core of you - self-love.

Awakening the True Heart Meditation

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Awakening the True Heart MeditationInfinite Alignment

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"Wow the meditation was powerful! I could totally feel a block in the heart center initially, but when guided further to explore some fear, loss, and abandonment issues came up. I felt a release and pure peace and bliss which I will be able to use in the future. It made my heart smile!"

Jules D.