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About NES Health


The NES Health System is based on an extensive and growing body of scientific enquiry by some of the leading minds of the past hundred years, especially research conducted by Peter Fraser of NES Health. For over thirty years he devoted himself to developing a model of the human bodyfield (HBF) that integrates all the known phenomena associated with the body – biochemistry, electrical and magnetic fields, atoms and subatomic particles, emotions and mental processes, and so on.

Fraser discovered that all biochemical and energetic activity within complex organisms is regulated by a unifying field. The most significant step was to link biological processes with the insights of quantum physics -­­ the study of the atoms and subatomic particles that form the building blocks of which matter is made. He researched the laws that describe how these minute bodies exist and interact and applied them to biological entities; hence the fascinating new science of quantum biology or biophysics was born.

Peter Fraser

Peter has devoted the last 30 years of his life to developing the pioneering science behind the NES system. He has a professorship from writing the first acupuncture course at Melbourne University and extensive knowledge of biophysics, western medicine and eastern healing modalities. He has meticulously pieced together the theory of the ‘human body field’ - the body’s master control system, on which NES technology is based.

Harry Massey

Harry was so impressed by Peter’s work that he formed the NES company and developed a version of the system which any professional healthcare practitioner can use easily. Under Harry’s guidance, the NES system is now in regular use by hundreds of practitioners, in many countries, and is benefiting thousands of people. Harry suffered with severe chronic fatigue syndrome, from which he made a dramatic recovery - using Peter’s approach.

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