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Active Hope Day Retreat

Based on the book

Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in with Resilience & Creative Power

by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone

Given the presence of wide-spread suffering and dark energies on the planet right now, do you find yourself sometimes sidetracked, even stuck in hopelessness?  Are you looking to establish or progress your contribution to the new world we are creating.


This Active Hope retreat taps in a high vibration group field lifting us out of hopeless, helpless, stuck energies and moves us into inspired action energy.  The inspired action leads to planning the initial steps for offing your own unique gifts to the new higher consciousness world. 

We will flow through the 4 Stages of Active Hope:

  • Gratitude.

  • Honoring our Pain for the World.

  • Seeing with New Eyes.

  • Going Forth


A key part of this experience involves Dyads.  If you’re not familiar with Dyads (or even if you are) this 4 minute video (HERE) on Dyads, describing the basics of this self-inquiry process.

Contact us for pricing and registration

All retreats are held at Infinite Alignment in Durango, Colorado.

1/2 Day Retreat (1p - 5p)

Group size: *4-8

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