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Company Mindfulness

Day Retreat

Transform Your Workplace

with John Fick and Christine Pollock

Cultivate Mental Clarity, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Resilience,

and Empowerment in the Workplace

Evolve your team or group of employees with an exclusive day-long experiential retreat to master the power of mindfulness. Unplug for a day and revitalize your well-being, rejuvenate engagement, cultivate healthy relationships, and accelerate achievement for success and happiness at work. 


The Company Mindfulness Day Retreat is a unique opportunity to actualize the full potential of individuals, the team and entire organization.  As a cohesive group we will create an atmosphere full of connectedness, support, and pure potentiality through sharing the experiences. During the day, you'll experience activating meditations, group coaching exercises, transformational mindfulness practices, relaxing and centering breath work, as well as new and empowering patterns for navigating your work environment. 

Retreat content is customized for your team based on a needs assessment and can be focused on Mindfulness targeted for one or two of the following topics:

  • Less Stress and Anxiety

  • Health, Vitality, and Well-being

  • Cultivating Healthy Relationships

  • Goal Setting, Achievement and Success

  • Change Resilience

  • Focus, Clarity, and Decision Making


Through experiential exercises and practices retreat participants begin to:

  • Become pure presence

  • Activate success through your own higher consciousness

  • Master unconscious mind patterns

  • Cultivate inner peace

  • Release unhealthy and unproductive thoughts and emotions

  • Improve health and well-being

  • Face everyday challenges with ease

  • Use self-perception as a mirror to reveal your limiting beliefs

  • Regain confidence

  • Foster healthy relationships

  • Reclaim your personal power

Location: Currently being offered virtually via Zoom.

Group size: 6-30


You may also choose to personalize and accelerate the benefits with individual (one-on-one) Mindfulness Coaching sessions.

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