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Mindfulness Coaching & Practice Sessions

with John Fick

Transcend the Limiting Programs to Shift into a Higher State of Consciousness and Awaken to your Freedom and Joy Within.

Dissolve anxiety with an Energetic Profile and Heart-Mindfulness Coaching with John to find your true purpose in our rapidly changing world.  Discover your path to peace and manifest your joyful abundance.


John begins the coaching engagement using a powerful assessment tool called the Energetic Profile. The Energetic Profile highlights how you show up energetically in different life circumstances.  The profile establishes a solid foundation for the Heart-Mindfulness Coaching & Practice sessions, as well as the Infinite Alignment Programs and Retreats.


John's coaching uses a innovative blend of one-on-one interaction synthesizing guided meditation, subconscious connection and highly perceptive questioning. His purpose is to connect with your unique higher guidance and thereby reveal your own healing power and wisdom. Through is own higher guidance he enables your higher self to dissolves blocked subconscious programming and karmic energy

Energetic Profile - 90 mins $150

​with John Fick

The Energetic Profile creates a self-awareness of the deeper levels of fear that blocks us from moving forward with positive action.  The profile maps out how the fear & uncertainty from these times shows up in how we're responding in our life's situations. During the Profile session we identify the unconscious patterns that both block as well as create financial, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Heart-Mindfulness Coaching & Practice

(3) 60 min. Sessions $295

with John Fick

The Heart-Mindfulness Coaching & Practice sessions build a deepening state of self-awareness capacity as a foundation for permanent positive change.  The personalized sessions and take-home practices guide you through your unique path to heart-mind coherence opening up infinite possibilities for a healthy, purposeful life.  From here the creation state of being evolves to help you live in a state of abundance and well-being - physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.


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