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Infinite Alignment 

One Minute Meditations

Welcome to the ten - 1 minute meditation practices. I'm so excited to share these with you as I have been working/practicing with these meditations for awhile now and I found they are perfect for those times when I am feeling anxious, ungrounded, or short on time. They cultivated in me a nice boost of energy and awareness that I could bring forward into the day.

I encourage you to commit to doing just one meditation per day and experience an increase your Life Force, Beingness and Mindfulness in the World. 

These 10 meditations will introduce you to our energetic centers called Chakras, as well as conscious breath, 4 directions, and tonglen practices.  Here we will be uniting our Energy Awareness with Spiritual and Mindfulness Growth. You may choose to meditate longer than one minute. Blessings, and may your receive great benefits NAMASTE.


Intoduction to 1 minute meditations

Introduction - Ten 1-min. MeditationsChristine Pollock
1 Root Chakra.jpg

#1 Base/Root Chakra - Our sense of Security, Groundedness, Survival

1 Root Chakra MeditationChristine Pollock
2 Sacral Chakra.jpg

#2 Sacral Chakra - Pleasure, Well-Being Sexuality and Abundance

2 Sacral Chakra MeditationChristine Pollock
3 Solar Plexus Chakra.jpg

#3 Solar Plexus Chakra - Self-esteem, Self worth, Confidence, Decision Making, Personal Power

3 Solar Plexus Chakra MeditationChristine Pollock

#4 Heart Chakra - Love, Forgiveness, Joy Unity, Kinship, Peace

4 Heart ChakraChristine Pollock

#5 Throat Chakra - Truth, Communication, Integrity, Creativity

5 Throat ChakraChristine Pollock

#6 Brow-Ajna Chakra - Wisdom Knowledge, Intuition, Discernment, Perception, Imagination

6 Brow-Ajna ChakraChristine Pollock
Crown Chakra.jpg

#7 Crown Chakra - Aligning Light, Love and Power with Higher Self

7 Crown ChakraChristine Pollock
Conscious Breath Connection.jpg

#8 Conscious Breath Connection - De-stressing, calming, centering, grounding, inward focus, reducing distraction

8 Conscious Breath ConnectionChristine Pollock
Four Directions.jpg

#9 Four Directions - Reduces neck and shoulder stress, re-align focus, balance, mental clarity

9 Four DirectionsChristine Pollock
Tonglen Practice.jpg

#10 Simple Tonglen Practice - Liberating when Dealing with Personal difficulties, physical or emotion pain, dissatisfaction, and unpleasant feelings

10 Tonglen PracticeChristine Pollock

We’d love to hear from you! Care to share your experience with the one minute meditations. Any thoughts, observations, or aha’s please send your comments directly to



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