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Mindfulness Workshop Series

Experience energy, self-awareness, and reprogram your

limiting patterns through mindfulness practices !

An Infinite Alignment Workshop Series

March 1 – Mindfulness for Less Stress & More Sleep

March 22 – Mindful Eating for Weight Loss & Increased Energy .

During these Mindfulness Workshops we will:

  • Train your mind to find peace

  • Gain the confidence to trust your inner guidance

  • Face everyday challenges with ease

  • Use self-perception as a mirror to reveal your limiting beliefs

  • Live fully in the present • Discover your personal power

  • Align with your infinite, intelligent self

  • Revitalize your physical body and health

  • Slow down and just be


Studio B

27905 Meadow Drive

Evergreen, CO

Cost: $40/person for both events preregistered, or $25 each event at the door

Space is limited. Call studio B at 720 202-8772 to reserve your place.

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