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What is the Passage to Freedom Program & Retreat all About?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Our 3 phase Passage to Freedom Program & Retreat to Transform You and Create a Life You LOVE!

May we All Embrace our Freedom Dynamically to Thrive in 2020!

PHASE I - The Self Awareness Journey (May 2020)

Remote Group & Individual Sessions to:

  • Establish an individual internal benchmark

  • Set personal intentions/goals

  • Connect with the group consciousness & energies

PHASE 2 - Retreat Durango, CO (5 Days / Jun 1 - 5, 2020)

Our Unique & Powerful Retreat Formula:

  • Combination of group sessions and individual therapies; best of the group energy & support, and individual sessions to connect with your unique state consciousness

  • Revealing the patterns that are creating your world - Energy Profile Sessions

  • Releasing the past & old patterns/beliefs by accessing altered states of consciousness - Sacred Breath Work & Energy Therapies

  • Deep awakening - silence & inner peace of Meditations, Mindfulness Practice, Body Awareness

  • Tapping into the subconscious to reprogram patterning

  • Creating Heart-Mind Coherence

  • Using Nature Therapy – grounding and mindfulness practices to explore & establishing deep rooted connections to our planet

  • Building resilience to thrive in change

  • Creating your new Life using powerful visualization techniques

  • Experiential Group Sessions using The 4 Pillars of Transformation: 1) Reclaiming Your Vibrant Energy, 2) Activating Your Highest Potential for Your Service to the World, 3) Cultivating & Nurturing Healthy, Loving Relationships, 4) Re-building a healthy self-perception and making self-love a natural way of being

  • Creating your Individual Life Plan – your commitment to your new healthy mind-body habits

PHASE 3 - Integration & Embodiment (3 months / Jun - Aug)

Post-Retreat Support - monthly Individual and Group remote sessions

  • Life integration for Sustained Change

  • Life pattern reprograming

  • Life plan adjustments

  • Taking the vision from the retreat and creating a new life

We invite you to check out our Early Bird Offer and call us today. Space is limited to 6 persons.

CONTACT US to discuss the options for your personalized Group or Individual Passage to Freedom!

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