Christine Pollock

Durango End-of-Life Doula

Providing Vision Planning, Comfort Care and Support Services at End-of-Life 

Restoring Death to its Sacred Place in the Mystery, Beauty, and Celebration of Life.

Christine has been developing and leading personalized individual and small group well-being and spiritual retreats for over 12 years in Colorado.

It is truly her highest souls calling and honor to support individuals at their end of life transition through compassionate care and holding sacred space. Her array of healing approaches, spiritual resources and nutritional expertise allow her to create the sacred passage of her clients body, mind and soul. Christine believes that everyone including family members deserve to be supported through the Conscious Dying Principles.

Her divine awakening to this lifework emerged years ago as she attended a dear friend's bedside during her final months and at the time of passing.

Her wisdom based caring practices and innate healing gifts created space for her friend to embody a quality transition filled with joyful spiritual awakening, tranquility, light and love. Her deep wishes are to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness on an individual basis.

Christine continues to volunteer with Lifespark Cancer Resources as an Energy Ambassador for events. She is a trained Hospice Volunteer

Services Offered:

  • Before, During, & After Life Care

  • Best Three Months of Life Care Planning

  • Onsite In-home, Hospital, Nursing Home Visits

  • Therapeutic Massage and Comfort Touch

  • Reiki Energy Therapy

  • Gentle Movement/Yoga

  • Guided Relaxation & Meditation/Breathwork Practices

  • Creating and Holding Beautiful Space

  • Sacred Vigil and Ritual.

What is an End of Life Doula?


End of Life Doulas are front line caregivers providing comforting care to clients and their loved ones during illness and the dying process. Their compassionate presence increases quality life moments for all involved.  Trained in holistic care modalities that bring comfort and peace to the dying, End of Life Doulas fill the “care-gap" by extending support to loved ones, family members and medical teams.
Sacred Passage End of Life Doulas will help to identify life and care priorities by using “ Best Three Months" exercises, life coaching and vision planning guided by the wishes and choices of you and your loved ones.

How did they help?

The presence of a Sacred Passage End of Life Doula can assist families and loved ones to focus on what is most important to you, working with grief, forgiveness, creating ceremony or ritual, and bringing healing practices to the sacred process of dying. 

Honoring Diverse Beliefs & Practices 

Sacred Passage End of Life Doulas assist to identify, honor and carry out the beliefs, cultural practices and values that bring comfort and peace.
Sacred Passage End of Life Doulas help create a beautiful Life through Death Experience for you in any care setting, helping to define the care you want and need and filling the gap between medical and or hospice care to provide your emotional, spiritual and non-medical physical care needs Before, During and After Death..

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"I arrived feeling lost in this life. I was truly amazed at the breakthroughs I experienced while in their loving care. They are both highly skilled practitioners and complement each other. My experience was truly life changing for me. I feel more clarity and have been armed with practices for heart connection, releasing stress and feeling joy on my journey. I feel much love for these two beautiful and radiant souls! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a heartfelt and life changing experience!"

- Kathy

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