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Stone Practice

A simple practice that I have incorporated into daily meditation practice and during healing sessions is to hold specific crystals or stones in each of my hands with intention. I tend towards black tourmaline in one hand and a clear quartz crystal in the opposite hand. I gently hold the stones in each hand as I meditation setting the specific intention that the black tourmaline will support the releasing of any negative or low vibrational energies and the quartz crystal will illuminate or infuse love/peace into my Being. I have experienced a nice energetic balance that purifies/cleanses the field and yet energizes my Being.

The energetic properties of black tourmaline include absorbing negative energies & protection; quartz crystal amplifies your set intentions as well as deliver healing properties to bring clarity of mind - thus the light. I also have found using a basic dark colored stone in one hand and a light colored stone in the other hand and setting the energetic intention around the stones will provide good results.


You may also place stones and crystals in your home for additional purification and support. Here are a few crystals/stones you may wish to consider using.

Rose Quartz - healing the heart; opens heart to love

Amethyst - creates peaceful energy; promotes relaxation

Fluorite - stabilizes chaos; increases concentration power

Black Onyx - protection; absorbs and transforms negative energy; helps to prevent the drain of personal energy

Citrine - joy, abundance, positivity.

Be creative, set intention and have some enjoyment!

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