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Energy Healing Sessions

with Christine Pollock

Awakening the Tree of Life, Shift into a Higher Dimensional Reality & Unity Consciousness.

Find inner peace, joy and clarity through energy healing sessions that may include: clearing stress, chakra clearing and balancing, clearing negative outside influences, meridian with five element balancing and energizing, immune system upgrade, energetic unity field attunements, revitalization of your energetic frequency, coherence between our multidimensional levels and alignment with your true divine self.

Resonance Alchemy Initial Healing Session

2 Hours $200

with Christine Pollock

Resonance Alchemy is a unique, heart-centered and comprehensive energy healing technique, based on the universal spiritual principles of inner alchemy and the Tree of Life. RA re-tunes your energy system using the subtle frequencies of powerful vibrational codes which activate the body's innate healing potential. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, a Resonance Alchemy session restores and reconnects you to your original vibrational template, creating a state of profound wholeness and balance. 

A Resonance Alchemy session will identify and clear energy imbalances and blockages that may be affecting your physical, emotional or spiritual well-being including: Stress and stress patterns, back and neck pain, injuries, pathogens & toxins, digestive issues, dysfunctional emotional patterns, physical and emotional trauma, chakra & meridian imbalances, past-life & karmic influences.


Here you will begin your healing and ReAwakening with an initial consultation, a 90 minute session, and a period for session feedback and questions.


Resonance Alchemy Healing - (1) 90 min. Session $150
(3) 90 min. Sessions $375

with Christine Pollock

Private RA Healing session(s) with Christine can be held at a distance, by appointment or in-person at the Durango Healing Retreat Center.

The remote session(s) will begin with a brief consultation with focused attention on your healing priorities. We discuss your specific needs, situation, expectations, and any issues that may be of greatest importance for you. Christine tunes into your energy field aligning with your highest divine self. From here, using kinesiology, specifically a high frequency pendulum, it is determined what your body systems highest priority is for healing - basically identifying what is out of energetic balance. Intention setting, establishing sacred space, invocation and meditative healing sound music may all be incorporated into a session.
Some of the many areas issues that Christine may address in your session as needed include:

  • Identifying and treating causes of pain

  • Clearing stress, depression & anxiety.

  • Spinal Alignment & Soft Tissue

  • Relationship Issues

  • Energetic Immune Function Tuning

  • Detoxification and balancing

  • Detoxification and balancing of organs and glands

  • Allergy treatment and elimination

  • Identification and energetic treatment of pathogens such as virus, bacteria, and yeast infections.

  • Meridian and Five Element balancing and energizing.

  • Chakra clearing and balancing

  • Emotional balancing

  • Clearing effects of trauma

  • Past Life Clearing

Christine will gently tap on a series of master points on your body in order to access specific fields of energy that need to be balanced. (It’s a bit like when you click on a folder to open a file on your computer!) Using resonance frequency healing techniques of thought, energy and intention to balance your energy fields, assisting your own ’inner healer’ to restore equilibrium and harmony to all your energetic systems.
After a session, Christine will share what she found out of balance in the different areas, reporting on any specific tunings and protocols implemented. Sessions are insightful, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Results and changes are often noticed immediately. However, it may also take a day or two to fully integrate the new energies.

Christine may suggest self-care, nutritional needs or specific remedies/practices to further support your healing journey.  Deep-seated and chronic problems generally take a series of sessions to fully resolve..


Resonance Alchemy Immune Upgrade Session - 60mins $95

​with Christine Pollock

Perfect to strengthen your immune system, clear the energy of the virus and stay positive and feel empowered.  This protocol is designed to give you an energetic and immune upgrade and create more resilience and resistance to disease in the face of viral and bacterial exposure. Includes a Unity Field Tuning.


Reiki Session - 50mins $75

with Christine Pollock

Reiki is a powerful Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. A long distance  Reiki session will raise your energetic vibration and treat the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy.” Many have reported miraculous results.


Sacred Transformational Session - 90mins $150

with Christine Pollock

Purely a timeless, omniscient and unique experience that is designed to support you in moving through, healing, and transforming any aspects of life that prevent you from living in Pure Awakened Consciousness.


Energetic gateways open using mental, physical and spiritual alignment allowing for the Higher Self or Spirit to infuse. Advanced energy modalities and creating sacred space within enables profound self-healing to occur on all dimensions. Each session is designed to meet the requirements or point on the path for that individual. Re-establishing energetic harmony/balance, stress reduction, uplifting vibration, peaceful abiding, energetic and structural alignment, rejuvenation with mental clarity and abundant energy are a few of the benefits. 

A session may include life alignment, journey work, reiki, energetic/emotional release techniques, chakra balancing, creative visualization, cranial-sacral work, sound therapy and personal dialogue–all opening your Heart more fully to live as the love and light of your true divine nature and authentic Self.


CONTACT CHRISTINE for more information

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