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Health & Well-being Retreats

Personal Retreats Customized for Your Transformation

with Christine Pollock, Holistic Energy Practitioner

and John Fick, CPC, ELI-MP, MSM

Awaken Your Innate Inner Healing of Mind, Body and Spirit!

“Words cannot adequately describe our unforgettable experience. Christine and John’s intuitiveness, authenticity, and deep Spirituality was evident in the prescribed sessions and treatments resulting in exactly what we needed for healing. I left with a deeper spiritual connection, great meditation techniques, and several tools to promote physical healing.”

– Tina

Creating Peace and Ease in a Stressful Life

Looking for relief from fear and worry in a fearful, uncertain world? Are health concerns and anxieties overwhelming your mind and zapping your physical energy? Infinite Alignment Personal Health & Well-Being Retreats enable you to reclaim yourself through energetic revitalization and personal empowerment that will lead you into a deep sense of inner peace and clarity of mind.  Our Retreats synthesize years of combined expertise and personal transformation relevant and beneficial for anyone. You will be left with a greater capacity for great fulfillment and expression in your life.

Infinite Alignment Health & Well-Being retreats engage our innate power of self-healing and cultivate a deepening into mindfulness on all dimensions. Profound benefits are immediately experienced, as we work with you one-on-one, meeting you at your level of self-awareness and specific life circumstances. Our retreats will empower you to reclaim your true energetic state of being resulting in optimal health and spiritual well-being.


Our years of experience leading retreats combined with our evolving energetic healing therapies will provide you with a unique and comprehensive retreat experience (see details below).  Together we will co-create your experience and locate the sustainable energy to support you in achieving your desired health & well-being goals. The 3-day retreat is delivered within the 3-phase Personal Passage to Freedom Program, which includes follow-up support sessions to integrate the experience into your life and accelerate your conscious evolution. 

​Let our Health and Well-Being Retreats teach you how to tap into the most powerful source of energy and healing available. The inner peace and well-being you experience and take home with you will transform your well-being and melt away physical symptoms of dis-ease!

Life Transformational Retreat (3 days)

​Discover what it means to operate from a place of health and well-being by transforming your anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt into peace, passion, and purpose. During your three-day transformational retreat, you'll learn how to implement vital mindfulness practices that will help you regularly monitor and manage your energy in any life circumstance. This vast expansion of consciousness will reclaim your true divine state of being.


Includes pre-assessment, meditation & breathwork, somatic trauma release therapy, yoga, mindfulness practices, bio-energetic scan/consultation, energy & vibrational healing therapy, therapeutic bodywork, energy profile, heart-mindfulness coaching, outdoor/nature alignment, neurofeedback (brain training), life plan, and a cacao ceremony (optional).


You will learn how to integrate our unique and powerful ROSE process (Reveal, Observe, Surrender, Evolve) into your daily practice and find full life embodiment to reclaim your inner peace. Additional resources include films, videos, books, lectures, webinars and practices. Your retreat transformational experience is integrated into your daily life through our remote post retreat sessions.

Well-being Couples Retreat (2 days)

Our Well-being Couples Retreat will create a state of being that supports both you and your partner in a busy, demanding world. Together you will learn how to implement individual mindfulness practices that will allow you to move through the world with centeredness and peace in a world of overwhelm and uncertainty..

Over the course of the weekend, you will:

  • Rejuvenate your energy (mind, body, spirit)

  • Learn mindfulness practices to sustain vibrant energy

  • Relax and enjoy each other

  • Develop healthy communication through self-awareness and higher consciousness

  • Transform judgement and blame to compassion and gratitude

  • Find empowerment through emotional intelligence

  • Rekindle your  heart connection

  • Create a vision for healthy, happy, and successful path for the future.

  • Develop creation skills for healthy relationships with self and others


Includes pre-assessment, meditation & breathwork, movement, mindfulness practices, energy & vibrational healing therapy, energy profile, mindfulness coaching and neurofeedback (brain training).

You will learn how to integrate our unique and powerful ROSE process (Reveal, Observe, Surrender, Evolve) from practice to full life embodiment reclaiming your inner peace and optimum well-being. Additional resources include films, videos, books, lectures, webinars and practices. To support your new higher vibrational state of being after the retreat we provide a follow-up phone session and specific resources materials.

Learn to use relationship for the evolution of your individual consciousness, AND individual consciousness for the evolution of relationships.

Life Alignment Retreat (1 day)

Revitalize your health and well-being through basic mindfulness practices and energy therapies.  This introduction to personal energy management will propel you on an inner path to conscious awareness. 


Includes pre-assessment, meditation & breathwork, energy & vibrational healing therapy, heart-mindfulness coaching, neurofeedback (brain training).

We will introduce you to our unique and powerful ROSE process (Reveal, Observe, Surrender, Evolve) providing you with a foundation to reclaim your inner peace and personal truth.

Nature’s Alignment Retreat  (1 day)

Experience a one-day guided Hiking Retreat into Colorado San Juan Mountains. We customize this hiking day to meet your physical abilities and outdoor viewing preferences. This empowering and invigorating retreat includes well-being mindfulness coaching and mindfulness/ meditation practices in the spectacular and inspirational Colorado outdoors!  You will be immersed in the serenity and beauty of nature with each step you take along the mountain trail with gently-flowing waters mesmerizing your thoughts and awesome breathtaking views to absorb.  A great way to unwind and de-stress!

This is perfect for individuals or friends and/or couples up to 2. This package includes a 4-5 hour day-hike (shorter hike options available) into the high mountains or foothills and lunch. You may choose to complement your hiking retreat with additional healing therapies/personal coaching sessions.

​Seasonal and weather dependent.

Renewal Retreat (half-day)

Renew your state of peace and ease and re-engage with your inner healing power.  Here you will experience powerful energy healing therapy and gain insights into your energetic blocks.  This is also an excellent retreat to integrate what was learned and embodied in a previous Health and Wellbeing retreat at Infinite Alignment. 


Includes 3 therapies: meditation & breathwork, vibrational healing, heart-mindfulness coaching, or neurofeedback (brain training).​

Our personal co-led retreats are scheduled based upon availability.


Our spectacular private mountain top retreat venue offers exhilaration and nurturance for the Spirit, a spacious quietude for the mind and a grounding physical energy to rest upon - see HERE for more.

Combine your Retreat with a magical vacation in the beautiful Four Corners Region - see HERE for more.


CONTACT US for more information or,

SCHEDULE COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION for a customized retreat plan and pricing

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