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Meditation, Breathwork, & Yoga Sessions

with Christine Pollock

A gateway to Stress Relief, Inner Peace, Clarity, and Deep Healing

Through our guided meditations, breath work and yoga you are able to release stress and anxiety and ​experience inner peace, joy and clarity. Meditation and breath are powerful forces that allow us to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit connecting us with higher forces allowing access to self-healing, expanded consciousness and profound insights.

Meditation, Breath Work & Yoga - 90 min. Session $125

with Christine Pollock

An Integrated Embodiment Session utilizes yoga, breath work, meditation and movement awareness as a gateway to integrate and align your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects.  Generally, we are moving in the world most of the time experiencing daily life with an external focus comprised of unconscious thoughts and feelings with very little body awareness. Our focus and attention during the session(s) will be one of an internal reflection. Accompanying your session(s), you will receive the training and resources to continue to create your own individual daily practice.

During guided meditations, we use specific techniques involving concentration and visualization. These meditations purify, illumine and divinize our thoughts, emotions, physicality and consciousness. Vocalizations such as humming, chanting, or singing maybe incorporated into a breath work session that positively affects the vagus nerve and stimulates the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

This grounding experience allows for the organic expansion into our perception of true Presence. We align, embody and integrate the experience of the Inner Self. As we are grounded within our Being-ness, awareness naturally arises into each and every present moment. A deep felt sense of release occurs and we are opened and grounded into the spaciousness of our subtle energies filled with clarity, peace and joy. You are lovingly guided into this conscious state of Being where self-healing and transformation takes place.

During a session you are guided through experiential practices that are designed specifically to best meet your needs. Aligned closely with somatic therapy these mind-body exercises tend to release pent-up trauma from the mind and the body. Each session is unique and expands you into the highest states of your Being-ness.


Sacred Transformational Breath Work - 90 min. Sessions $150

with Christine Pollock


Christine has been facilitating divine healing on multidimensional levels since 2007. This powerful holotropic technique is based on ancient shamanic journeying practice. Through the art of conscious breath work and vibrational sound therapy you are induced into altered states of consciousness and ultimately awakened deeply with your true divine self.


It is a holistic approach for transformational healing that may offer you any of the following: access to insights, expanded consciousness, release stress/anxiety, re-energize the body, gain clarity and vision and connect you with higher realms/spirit guides/divine beings of light. You may experience this purifying session somatically therefore releasing pent-up trauma (individual and ancestral) from the mind and the body.


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