The Rose Process
A 4-Step Transformational Process that facilitates a shift into Higher Consciousness

The Infinite Alignment ROSE Process opens and awakens you to your True Authentic Self thus, empowering your conscious evolution.


The 4 Steps of the ROSE process are Reveal, Observe, Surrender and Evolve.


A practice of simple techniques that support your life’s journey with self-compassion, and expansion into Wholeness.


In every moment we are either unconsciously or consciously creating our life’s experience. We can choose to live an awakened life full of joy, peace and contentment. We are able to develop positive emotional awareness in response to life.


Shifting into higher mind expands our thoughts and beliefs beyond the limited self. We are free to directly experience the unlimited potential of creation consciousness. 


This opportunity awaits us in the ROSE process.  Are you ready to create a life you love?.

The Four Steps of the Infinite Alignment ROSE PROCESS
Reveal. Observe. Surrender. Evolve.

REVEAL is the gateway for ROSE, waking up and acknowledging our true authentic Self.  With kind awareness we initiate self-inquiry around what is arising for us in this present moment and in our life experience.


What is being revealed to us?


We continually cycle back to REVEAL more suffering from deeper awareness levels of our subconscious. We become inspired to embody a higher state and become powerful creators in the World.


The most powerful step of ROSE is OBSERVE.


OBSERVE is a critical skill to become the witness of our conscious and subconscious mind. We learn to acknowledge what judgments, emotions, beliefs, and limiting thoughts are saturating our mind, body, and spirit.


OBSERVE teaches us about what is truth in how we show up in our life situations.  Learning to OBSERVE opens the portal to Surrender and embodiment  of our true purpose and life’s unlimited potential.


SURRENDER is releasing, letting go, and/or accepting our habitual limiting patterns and personal entrapments into lower levels of consciousness. These are represented by our fears, distractions, attachments, desires and aversions. 


As we SURRENDER into each moment and breath, we take the opportunity to exhale our pain and suffering perhaps embodied for lifetimes. We open and experience the truth of who we are and connect with our divine purpose in life.


EVOLVE is the creation stage of ROSE. 


In EVOLVE, we shift into our highest available level of consciousness.  Life begins to move freely through you. You merge back into the creative flow of life and in every waking moment and realize, “You are the Universe”.


What an amazing Miracle you are!


"I arrived feeling lost in this life. I was truly amazed at the breakthroughs I experienced while in their loving care. They are both highly skilled practitioners and complement each other. My experience was truly life changing for me. I feel more clarity and have been armed with practices for heart connection, releasing stress and feeling joy on my journey. I feel much love for these two beautiful and radiant souls! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a heartfelt and life changing experience!"

- Kathy

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