Spiritual Retreats

Personal Retreats with Christine Pollock and John Fick

Into the Light Blissful Spirit Journeys 

Renew and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with a Blissful Healing Journey Retreats. Imagine being totally at peace with yourself and your world! Joyously living! Feeling empowered and healthy! Living fearlessly every moment from your heart!  Our Blissful Spirit Journeys and Retreats are the perfect getaway for You.

Heart-Mind Intensive Healing Retreat  (3 days)
Illuminating – Embodiment – Wisdom – Self-Mastery

Includes Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork, Brain Illumination Techniques, Energy Awareness, Heart Mind Coherence Training, Therapeutic Bodywork Treatment, Vibrational Healing Session, Heart-Mindfulness Coaching and Neurofeedback

Reclaim your birthright energy life force and create peace-flow-oneness with all of creation. Connect to the healing/higher energies of the universe. Activate and Embody your own healing/higher consciousness through mindfulness, vibration, & movement. Expand your own consciousness for self & global evolution.

Heart Opening Couples Retreat (2 days)

Oneness - Loving-Kindness - Revitalization – Conscious Evolution

Our Heart Opening Couples Retreat will create a state of being that lovingly supports each other in a busy, demanding lifestyle. Together you will experience individual mindfulness practices, as well as how to move mindfully as a couple to create peace and ease in world of overwhelm, uncertainty and fear.

Over the course of the weekend, you will:

  • Rejuvenate your energy (mind, body, spirit)

  • Learn mindfulness practices to sustain vibrant energy

  • Relax and enjoy each other

  • Develop healthy communication through self-awareness and higher consciousness

  • Transform judgement and blame to compassion and gratitude

  • Empowerment through emotional intelligence

  • Rekindle your  heart connection

  • Create a vision for healthy, happy, and successful path for the future.

  • Develop creation skills for healthy relationships with self and others


Includes pre-assessment, meditation & breathwork, movement, mindfulness practices, energy & vibrational healing therapy, energy profile, heart-mindfulness coaching and neurofeedback (brain training).

Learn to use relationship for the evolution of your individual consciousness, AND individual consciousness for the evolution of relationships.

Blissful Healing Spa, Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat  (full day)
Empowering – Vision/Clarity – Vitality – Spiritual Growth

Includes Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork, Therapeutic Bodywork Treatment, Vibrational Healing Session, Heart-Mindfulness Coaching, and Neurofeedback


Ignite your Passion from Life Within. Acknowledge/clarify what is draining your energy and shift into living the present moment filled with a sense of gratitude, love, spiritual awareness and empowerment.

Blissful Healing Spa & Meditation Retreat  (half-day)
Aligning – Grounding – Healing

Includes Meditation and Breath Work, Bodywork Treatment, Energy Healing Session

Release and let go of everyday stress, anxiety, and worries and embrace the joy, vibrancy and serenity within You!

Meditation and Breathwork realigns you with Life Purpose. Rejuvenating Aroma-Therapeutic Bodywork that Grounds a sense of Well-Being. Transformational Healing Session that Ignites the Spirit!

Our professional therapeutic bodywork treatments and services – including Raindrop Therapy, Signature Wrap and Heated Stone Massage – promote self-healing and are facilitated with powerful energy work. Yoga practice is either Yin Yoga or Therapeutic Yoga to facilitate the inward journey of releasing, opening and embodying as well as the movement. Meditation & Breathwork will leave you feeling fortified with loving vitality and clarity.

Personal Retreat Prices

$395 to $1995* per person - one person

$325 to $1495* per person - two people

*Scholarships are available for qualified participants

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"Words cannot adequately describe our unforgettable experience. Christine and John's intuitiveness, authenticity, and deep Spirituality was evident in the prescribed sessions and treatments resulting in exactly what we needed for healing. I left with a deeper spiritual connection, great meditation techniques, and several tools to promote physical healing.”

- Tina

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