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Spiritual Awakening Retreats

Personal Retreats Customized for Your Transformation

with Christine Pollock, Holistic Energy Practitioner

and John Fick, CPC, ELI-MP, MSM

Awaken Your Spiritual Essence and Follow Your Inner Purpose!

“Healing was extended from all directions, earth, sky and hearth and their knowledgeable guidance opened renewed pathways out of the darkness into the light. Like angelic midwives they "birthed" new spiritual dimensions and depth for increased joy, peace, love and harmony into my life and sent me home with practices to enrich, expand and sustain their viability. They have become spiritual companions and the feeling of their support and encouragement will remain with me forever!”

– Terri, Spiritual Awakening Retreat Attendee

Into the Light Healing Journeys

The world can throw unforeseen obstacles in our paths and make us feel worn down, burnt out, and disillusioned with life. Our Into the Light Healing Journeys are intentionally designed to help you renew your body, mind, and spirit. Imagine being totally at peace with yourself and the world at large. Imagine living joyously, fearlessly, and experiencing every moment from the depth of your opened heart. Our Healing Journeys will be just the experience you need to unlock the life you've been longing for.

An Into the Light Healing Journey is a gateway for you to reclaim your divine energetic blueprint with a deep sense of inner peace, clarity of mind and personal empowerment. 


Christine and John have synthesized years of professional expertise, life experience and personal transformation including: Holistic Energy Healing Modalities; Somatics; Sacred Healing Ceremonies; Mindfulness Coaching; and Outdoor Nature connection creating a Sacred Journey that is divinely interconnected and powerful for anyone.


Profound benefits are immediately experienced with the heart opening loving embodiment of your spiritual essence, following your inner purpose and cultivating a deepening into self-awareness on all dimensions.


Christine and John work with you one-on-one, meeting you where you are along your path and within your specific life circumstances. We provide a unique and comprehensive retreat (details below) and together we will co-create a life experience and the sustainable energy to support you in achieving your desired spiritual awakening.


The 2 and 3-day retreat is delivered within the 3-phase Personal Passage to Freedom Program.  What sets our retreats apart? We are committed to seeing the flourishing of every person we work with, which is why we include follow-up support sessions to integrate the experience into your everyday life thus accelerating your conscious evolution.


Let our Into the Light Healing Journeys teach you how to tap into the most powerful source of spiritual energy available.

Heart-Mind Intensive Healing Journey  (3 days)
Illuminating – Embodiment – Wisdom – Self-Mastery

Perfect for the individual who is seeking the most in-depth transformation and desiring to create a new life reality.

3 Day Journey designed with the following:

  • Somatic trauma release therapy

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Yoga, Meditation & Sacred Breath Work

  • Brain Illumination Techniques

  • Heart Mind Coherence

  • Energy Self-Awareness

  • Therapeutic Bodywork Treatment with Reiki

  • Vibrational Healing Session

  • Heart-Mindfulness Coaching

  • Outdoor Nature Connection

  • Neurofeedback Session

  • Bio-Energetic Scan & Consult

  • Frequency Treatment

  • Cacao ceremony (optional)


The Rose (Reveal, Observe, Surrender, Evolve) process is interwoven through the entire Journey. By acknowledging our wounds/burdens that are causing our pain and suffering we then support the letting go of old beliefs/patterns and traumas. With this deep spirit cleansing you are then opened to your infinite potential and aligned with your true Source connection.


Are you ready and willing to:

Reclaim your birthright energy life force and create peace-flow-oneness with all of creation? 

Connect to the healing/higher energies of the universe? 

Activate and embody your own healing/higher consciousness through mindfulness, vibration, & movement? 

Expand your own consciousness for self & global evolution?

Sign-up today and start planting seeds of Self-Love:

Heart-Mind Intensive Healing Journey  (2 days)

Designed similar to the 3 day Intensive Healing Journey for the individual who is seeking transformation and desiring to create a new life reality.

Heart Opening Couples Journey (2 days)

Oneness - Loving-Kindness - Revitalization – Conscious Evolution

Perfect for the couple seeking a sacred journey together with dynamic loving renewal in their relationship.


  • Pre-assessment call

  • Movement, Meditation & Sacred breath work

  • Mindfulness practices, deep relaxation techniques

  • Energy & vibrational healing therapy

  • Energetic profile, heart-mindfulness coaching

  • Outdoor nature connection


Our Heart Opening Couples Retreat will create a state of being that lovingly supports each other in a busy, demanding lifestyle. Together you will experience individual mindfulness practices, as well as how to move mindfully as a couple radiating love and peace in world.

Over the course of the two days, you will:

  • Rejuvenate your energy (mind, body, spirit)

  • Learn mindfulness practices to sustain vibrant energy

  • Relax and enjoy each other

  • Improve your sleep

  • Learn basic principles to a secure functioning relationship

  • Develop healthy communication through self-awareness and higher consciousness

  • Transform judgement and blame to compassion and gratitude

  • Find empowerment through emotional intelligence

  • Enliven your  heart connection

  • Create a vision for healthy, happy, and successful path for the future.

  • Develop creation skills for healthy relationships with self and others


​Learn to use relationship for the evolution of your individual consciousness, AND individual consciousness for the evolution of relationships.

Into the Light Healing Spa Retreat  (full day)
Empowering – Vision/Clarity – Vitality – Spiritual Growth

Perfect for the individual seeking a deep energetic renewal and spiritual re-alignment.

Your Bliss-filled day includes:

  • Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

  • Therapeutic Bodywork Treatment

  • Vibrational Healing Session

  • Heart-Mindfulness Coaching

  • Light Lunch


Ignite your passion for life from within. Clarify and acknowledge what is draining your energy and shift into living the present moment filled with a sense of gratitude, love, spiritual awareness and empowerment.

Into the Light Healing Spa Retreat (half-day)
Aligning – Grounding – Healing

Perfect for the individual seeking relaxation and a quick reboot.

Your Bliss-filled half day includes:

  • Sacred Breath Work

  • Therapeutic Bodywork Treatment

  • Energy Healing Session


Release and let go of everyday stress, anxiety, and worries and embrace the joy, vibrancy and serenity within You!

Sacred breath work realigns you with true highest self. Rejuvenating Aroma-Therapeutic Bodywork that grounds a sense of well-being. Transformational Healing Session that Ignites the Spirit!

Our professional therapeutic bodywork treatments and services – including Raindrop Therapy, Signature Wrap and Heated Stone Massage – promote self-healing and are facilitated with powerful energy work. Yoga practice maybe Hatha, Yin or Therapeutic style yoga or even Yoga Nidra to facilitate the inward journey of releasing, opening and embodying as well as the mindful movement. Meditation & Breath work will leave you feeling fortified with loving vitality and clarity.

Our personal co-led retreats are scheduled based upon availability.


Our spectacular private mountain top retreat venue offers exhilaration and nurturance for the Spirit, a spacious quietude for the mind and a grounding physical energy to rest upon - see HERE for more.

Combine your Retreat with a magical vacation in the beautiful Four Corners Region - see HERE for more.

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for more information or,

SCHEDULE COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION for a customized retreat plan and pricing

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