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Trauma Healing Coaching

with John Fick

Transcend Limiting Trauma Patterns and Integrate Higher Vibrational States
as a Path to Wholeness, Vitality & Joy.

Dissolve self-limiting beliefs from psychic wounds with an Energetic Profile and Trauma Healing Coaching with John.  Discover your gateway to inner peace and joy, and travel your soul’s journey in a rapidly changing world.


John begins the coaching engagement using a powerful assessment tool called the Energetic Profile. The Energetic Profile highlights how you show up energetically in different life circumstances.  The profile establishes a solid foundation for Trauma Healing Coaching.


John's coaching uses an innovative blend of one-on-one interaction synthesizing guided meditation, subconscious connection and compassionate inquiry. He will re-connect you with your higher guidance to access your innate wisdom and self-healing power. Through his own higher guidance, he empowers your higher self to dissolve psychic wounds and karmic energy.

Energetic Profile - 90 mins $150

​with John Fick

The Energetic Profile creates a self-awareness of deeper levels of trauma that blocks us from moving forward with positive action.  The profile maps out how self-limiting trauma creates fear and hopelessness, as well as low self-worth in response to life's situations. During the Profile session we identify the unconscious patterns that block as well as create financial, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Trauma Healing Coaching
(3) 60 min. Sessions $295

with John Fick

Trauma Healing Coaching sessions build a deepening state of self-awareness capacity as a foundation for sustained positive change.  The personalized sessions and take-home integration practices guide you through your unique re-connection to high vibrational heart intelligence.  The heart-guided path creates access to our self-healing capacity and creates infinite possibilities for a vibrant, purposeful life.  From here the creation state of being evolves to help you live in a state of physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual well-being and abundance.


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