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Welcome to Infinite Alignment

Infinite Alignment evolved through the partnering of two powerful practitioners, a healer and a coach.  Christine and John came together to meld their skills into one cohesive transformational process.


They combined their vast backgrounds and experiences in energy medicine and human development with their own Spiritual development practices to deliver personal retreats.  Through intuition and divine guidance, they mixed their mind, body, and spirit gifts to alchemize a magical formula that resulted in the powerful ROSE Process.  This formula is a culmination of working one-on-one with hundreds of clients to transform their consciousness from pain and suffering to tapping into their creative birthright.


After 6 years of designing and leading personal and small group retreats, Christine and John’s paths crossed.  We freely exchanged our gifts and services.  John provided Christine with coaching, and Christine traded her intuitive healing services.  It was perfect resonance from the divine for them to lead retreats together.  


Christine would be able to focus on her attention on the healing (Spiritual and embodiment aspect), and John would do what came so natural to him, energy coaching (Mind-Spirit aspect).  As they continued to grow together leading retreats they observed that people were receiving powerful benefits.  They realized that they were complimenting each other’s strengths and effectively supporting their clients.  The mind, body, Spirit connection was unfolding gracefully in everyone.  Their ROSE Process then evolved from the methods and practices that we were utilized in their retreats

Meet John & Christine


john Fick 


John’s long corporate career as a leadership coach, consultant, trainer and manager was excellent preparation for his current career as a Trauma-Healing Coach. In addition to his vast array of coaching experience, he designed and implemented a multitude of corporate training and human development programs. 


John holds a Masters degree in Management and Organizational Development. He is a certified professional coach, a certified Core Energy Master Practitioner, and a certified NeurOptimal Trainer.  John’s focus of ongoing professional development include trauma psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics, quantum physics, unity consciousness, and spirituality, including ancient, mystic, and nature-based spiritually. He is also a trained Compassionate Inquiry practitioner. 

John brings awareness to subconscious patterns through meditative self-inquiry and an in depth energy profiling process. He has a unique and powerful coaching style including iPEC’s Core Energy CoachingTM process and compassionate inquiry. He empowers his clients to be guided by their soul’s journey by re-connecting them with their innate wisdom and healing power.  From there he facilitates the co-creation of traditional and innovative practices for integrating higher vibrational energies.  This self-guided, fully integrated approach revitalizes energies and accelerates the path to wholeness, vitality and joy.


The Journey

John knows personally the stress of current corporate culture, as well as the impact of personal loss. Despite a very healthy, active outdoor recreational life-style, the ongoing high levels of stress he experienced resulted in a severe chronic illness. After the loss of several close family members, and a job with accelerated transitions, extreme challenges, excessive travel, and relentless demands, his most precious asset, his vibrant health slipped away. The loss of his health put him in a state of disability and prevented him from participating in his robust outdoor activities.


After following traditional medicine protocols with no success, he pursued a wide range of holistic therapies and received improved yet limited results. Ultimately, he was able to reclaim his vibrant health using energetic healing modalities, self-awareness, and neuropsychological methods. This life transformative experience inspired him to share his unique gifts and connection with the energetics of nature to inspire others healing through the expansion of consciousness.





Christine’s certifications and trainings are many and varied. She is currently enrolled in the Somatic Attachment Therapy Certification Program to support healing of attachment wounds & trauma. In May of 2019, she completed the Sacred Passage End of Life Doula Program with the Dying Conscious Institute. She is a Certified Bio-Energetic Practitioner, Certified Vibrational Sound Healer, NeurOptimal Trainer, a Colorado Licensed Certified Massage Therapist, Shambava Yoga Instructor, and Reiki practitioner. She is a practitioner of Resonance Alchemy Healing, Meditation/Breathwork Instruction, Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral therapy, and Life Alignment. She has also completed the Mercy Hospital Hospice Volunteer Training Program, a 2-year program of Toltec Studies, an Esoteric Psychology Program and Humanity in Unity Wisdom Teacher Studies including Brain Illumination and Self-Mastery, all of which provide a rich spiritual orientation to her work.

This vast range of training and techniques makes Christine uniquely capable of designing a program that is tailored exclusively to the needs of each client to ensure that they experience not only physical healing, but complete rejuvenation on the emotional and spiritual levels as well.  It is her joy and passion to support people transform their lives and health, through self-empowerment and awakening their innate healing, spiritual gifts and life purpose. Christine enjoys giving back in a way that helps others on their life’s journey of conscious awakening, spiritual growth, and physical healing.

Christine volunteers with Durango Mercy Hospital Hospice, and as an Energy Ambassador for small organizations and presently for LifeSpark Cancer Resources Fundraising Gala. She has volunteered her professional Reiki healing practice to LifeSpark Cancer Resources providing alternative healing to cancer patients. She also helped create a Healing Arts and Learning Center in Evergreen, Colorado that is a network of professionals who specialize in a vast array of alternative healing modalities, such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, and biofeedback among others.

With each healing intervention, Christine encourages and facilitates an inward journey that allows her clients to fully embody, transform and align with their own divine nature. 


The Journey

Christine’s journey from a corporate manager to a transformational leader and intuitive healer commenced in 2004. After working in the telecommunications industry for more than 18 years in various Engineering Managerial capacities she found herself feeling without a sense of purpose or joy in life. The day to day business was totally depleting the life force out of her and the work environment was toxic. Her physical, mental and emotional well-being were at an all time low. She felt desperate to escape what she thought was her life identity and security.


Christine became a spiritual warrior on weekends pursuing ancient wisdom classes/retreats and engaging in holistic healing systems and metaphysical studies. She traveled across the world to Bhutan to hike the Himalayas in hopes of re-discovering herself and finding a spiritual path and life purpose. She returned from this amazing journey feeling vibrant, confident and soul-aligned with a renewed sense of well-being. A felt sense that she was now being divinely guided.  After leaving the corporate world she found her passion in learning and cultivating numerous holistic modalities through which she shared her expertise and healing practices.


From January 2004 to June 2016, she owned and operated the Hooper Homestead & Blissful Spirit Retreats in Central City, Colorado. Here, in the serene outdoor setting of the Rocky Mountains, she developed personalized individual and group retreats using an array of healing approaches, spiritual resources, and nutritional expertise that allowed her to create unique in-depth programs to align and transform her client’s body, mind, and soul.

Christine Pollock
John Fick
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