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Infinite Alignment  
John Fick & Christine Pollock 

"This was my second retreat with Infinite Alignment, and I was blown away both times. It was during a difficult time in my life, struggling with physical pain and personal problems. Infinite Alignment provided a beautiful and safe environment for me to heal and grow.  John and Christine were excellent at working closely with me on Trauma. The meals and detox juices were simply delicious. If you're looking for a retreat that offers a holistic approach to healing, I highly recommend Infinite Alignment!”       –  Dorain 

"If you have any inkling to do this retreat…go! The retreat is priceless. Christine and John have hearts of gold. You can see it in their spirits that they have a genuine desire to support people on their life journey. I’m in awe of how different my experiences are in life when I’m doing what they taught me. There’s so much in me that has shifted and I definitely feel different. I’m going into my heart more than my head. I have more awareness with things. I have the deepest gratitude for how they’ve helped me live a happier life! They’re making a profound difference in the world!"  –  Pilar

"The only suitable words for my experience with Christine and John are alignment with my true self and pure love! In my time with them I felt deeply healed from past experiences, large releases and a feeling of connectedness to myself and my true nature. This has resulted in better connection with my beloved and better awareness of the right path. I feel more fulfilled by my work and more meaning in my everyday life. It has been 5 months since my retreat and I am still experiencing the impact!"  –  Cheryl

"I arrived feeling lost about "where" my place was in this life. From the start, Christine & John were both compassionate and very open and accepting which enabled me to relax and also be open to what the next 3 days would bring. I was truly amazed at the breakthroughs I experienced and the grief that was able to be released while in their loving care. They are both highly skilled practitioners and complement each other with their offerings. My experience with them was truly life changing for me. I not only feel more clarity but have been armed with practices to keep me in touch with my heart, release stress and find more joy on my journey. Upon leaving I could not help but feel much love for these two beautiful and radiant souls! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a heartfelt and life changing experience!"  - Kathy

"If you are looking for a customized and transformative retreat, Infinite  Alignment is for you! The yoga and meditation, as well as so many additional therapies and coaching advice were amazing! I loved the RA treatment, the coaching session, the breath work, and the delicious detox foods and teas!

Christine and John are intuitive healers and practitioners.  I left feeling joyous, centered, lighter, and resonating at a higher vibration. I can't recommend them highly enough!"  - Robin

"I believe it was a cosmic "accident" that brought a troubled soul to John and Christine's door. Caring, nurturing hands and hearts enfolded that soul into the warmth and beauty of an oasis in the divinely ordained womb of the Colorado mountains. Healing was extended from all directions, earth, sky and hearth and their knowledgeable guidance opened renewed pathways out of the darkness into the light. They are both open to entering into the orientation of one's journey and excepting without judgement that individual experience of providence. Like angelic midwives they "birthed" new spiritual dimensions and depth for increased joy, peace, love and harmony into my life and sent me home with practices to enrich, expand and sustain their viability. They have become spiritual companions and the feeling of their support and encouragement will remain with me forever! –  Terri

"Words cannot adequately describe our unforgettable experience. Christine and John embraced us with love, respect and a strong desire to meet our emotional, physical, and Spiritual needs. Their intuitiveness, authenticity, and deep Spirituality was evident in the prescribed sessions and treatments resulting in exactly what we needed for healing. I left with a deeper spiritual connection, great meditation techniques, and several tools to promote physical healing.”   –  Tina

"My life has changed immeasurably since my retreat.  I have been practicing the mindfulness practices and the meditations I learned on a daily basis, and it has helped me tremendously!

I have not had ONE tension headache since I came back from your retreat!”       –  Mike M. 

"Upon my return from Afghanistan, traditional treatment and therapy sessions for my PTSD weren't working. I will forever be grateful to have found John and Christine. The treatment and professionalism provided was superior and effective. They are genuine and sincere, and truly care about their guests well being!”    –  Scott 

"Christine and John provided a comfortable, positive and safe space (both spiritually and physically) for me to work on reconnecting with my true self. For once in my life I had the opportunity to slow down, listen, explore, learn, grow and connect with feelings and thoughts I had spent the last 38 years suppressing. I learned practical techniques and tools that I can use in my every day life to remain connected to myself, as well as to grow energetically and spiritually. Thank you for the bottom of my heart, John and Christine!”   –  Heidi

"I did a single day, personal retreat with John and Christine.  From the moment I walked in the door I noticed a warm inviting feeling.  They are very welcoming, open, and caring.  Nothing was rushed, and nothing felt too long.  My personal favorites were the breath work with Christine and the Mindfulness coaching with John.  They were so easy to open up to.  Easy to share my story and not feel judged.  This is not just a one time thing, as I thought it would be. I will be returning for more Mindfulness sessions and the  Bio-energetic scans.  Because who doesn't want to know how to adjust the blockages in their bodies?  Much love for these two beautiful souls! –  Julie B.

"Christine and John are the perfect Yin/Yang balance of nurturing and guidance that create sacred space for healing and creation. Their retreat offered tools and support that helped me clear and calm my cluttered mind, gain clarity on my future path, and be better prepared to accomplish my goals.”  

–  Sandy 

"My Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Healing session with Christine was one of the most peaceful, relaxing and insightful experiences I’ve ever had. She was able to clear blockages, realign my spine (which has caused me years of discomfort), and release deep rooted pain. I encourage anyone to give it a try. Your soul will be filled with light and joy.”   –  Jules H. Retired Nurse, Canada

"When I woke up  yesterday I felt like I had my passion for life back. The work Christine did balanced so many things  – I was able to get back into my body and feel again. I feel like my heart has expanded and I feel compassion towards all things in life and deep peace in my soul.”   –  Lori H. DHM (Doctor of Holistic Medicine)

"John has an exceptional talent for coaching. His deep desire to help people translates to his outcomes with clients.  When I feel stuck, I come to John for realignment and emotional organization, and wow! What a difference it makes! He is able to clarify the underlying problem and then assist with how to get out of it. He gives you creative tools to avoid the same issues down the road. John assists you to manifest your goals."    –  Christina

"I had an incredible experience with John and Christine. I came to infinite alignment knowing that I needed to reset and make some changes in my life. All of my needs were addressed from many different angles with much love and compassion. In addition to an abundance of growth and healing, I was given an arsenal of tools to help me reintegrate back into my daily life."  - Sara

"I did my practice this morning and I still feel the peace I felt when I left! My pain is still gone and my body feels relaxed and healed.  I've had messages pouring in asking what I did and where I went. I can never thank you and John enough for what you helped me achieve and I will forever be grateful!!”  – Jennifer S.

"Thanks to Infinite Alignment, I am much more aware of my emotions and how these can impact others. I practiced mindfulness techniques and how to adapt these for my personal life.  We also worked on personal energy and impact, and how energy can be released in a most powerful manner.  The Infinite Alignment atmosphere which gave me space and guidance to learn through experience."  –  Gordon M.

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