Passage to Freedom

Personal Retreat & Program

Freedom Through

Quiet Mind and Open Heart

In the Midst of Uncertainty & Challenges

"John and Christine taught me some of the most impactful and life changing things that I never thought were even possible. I cannot describe in words just how positively they have imprinted my heart and my life." Danielle


Are you experiencing a personal crisis in your life?

Unable to  find the way out through traditional care?

Whenever we are faced with fear, anxiety, lack of purpose or feeling stuck in our daily life, paradoxically, these are gateways to deep inner truth - the eternal light at the core of you.

Personal Passage to Freedom Empowers You to...


Live your life with vibrant health, full of energy


Embody your highest potential, your true purpose


Open your heart with nurturing and loving relationships.

Thrive through change & uncertainty with emotional freedom

​Everyone deserves to live a Magical Life they Love

Our Personal Passage to Freedom Retreat-Program


Preparation for Transformational Retreat (online)
  • Introduction to the ROSE Process
  • Setting intentions
  • Individual assessment session
  • Retreat pre-learning assignments


3-Day Customized Health & Well-Being OR Spiritual Awakening Retreat (in person - Durango, Colorado)


  • Experience the ROSE process

  • Experiential / interactive sessions

  • Individual advanced therapeutics & coaching

  • Mindfulness in the Outdoors


Individual sessions (online)


  • Embody the ROSE process

  • Life integration for Sustained Change

  • Life pattern reprograming

  • Life plan adjustments

Personal Retreat/Program: Dates Available as Requested

Our life-changing collective program and retreat, together with our unique integral ROSE process provides a powerful in-depth personal journey of awakening to the miraculous life that awaits you

The Rose Process
A 4-Step Transformational Process that facilitates a shift into Higher Consciousness. A practice of simple techniques that support your life’s journey with self-compassion, and expansion into Wholeness.
Christine & John
Infinite Alignment evolved through the partnering of two powerful practitioners, an energy practitioner and a mindfulness teacher & coach.  Christine and John came together to meld their skills into one cohesive transformational process.

Program Benefits


​​Passage to Freedom will empower you to create your life through..

Foundations of Higher Consciousness..

  • Observe and release self-limiting beliefs that arise, cultivating a sense of self compassion and self-confidence.

  • Exercise mind-mastery and emotional intelligence to thrive in the presence of change and uncertainty.

  • Learn to respond to life’s challenges and suffering in the world with compassion and non-judgment to feel empowered and connected.

  • Transform self sabotaging patterns caused by past experiences into opportunities for personal growth.

  • Align your energies and open yourself up to infinite potential.

​​Energy Revitalization..

  • Practice self-healing techniques to revitalize your life-force energy and reclaim your vibrant health.

  • Apply release techniques to transition from a stress reaction into a calm and centered focused state.

  • Develop mindfulness and intuitive practices for maintaining optimal health and well-being.

  • Exercise body awareness to release emotional trauma and restore a state of wholeness within.


Supportive and Nurturing Relationships..

  • Use awakened relationships as a mirror to witness your patterns for personal development.

  • Connect intuitively with other individuals to communicate at a deeper level.

  • Shift your judgmental patterns into kind awareness to heal wounded relationships.

  • Apply Heart centered communication and vulnerability to cultivate loving and supportive relationships with family, friends and co-workers.


Awakened Inner Purpose..

  • Identify limiting patterns, release them and open to unlimited opportunities. 

  • Visualize your future self with your intentions already manifested to be the change you want to see in the World.

  • Respond to adversity with grace and ease to build stability and self-confidence overcoming obstacles.

  • Practice heart-mind coherence to make decisions aligned with your inner purpose.

  • Access your inner wisdom and courage, to initiate a positive change or taking a risk in life

Program Details

Phase 1 – Assessment & Preparation (remote/online)

Includes individual intake form & interview session.

Introduce the ROSE process, and preparations for the retreat.

Pre-Retreat assignments/exercises.


Phase 2 – Transformation (Live retreat)

3-Day Intensive Retreat    


Individualized therapeutics including:

  • Energetic Profile, Heart-Mind Coaching, Bio-energetic Body Field Scan, Neurofeedback, Mindfulness practice

  • Energy & Vibrational Healing, Therapeutic Body Work

  • Meditation, Breathwork, Movement, Yoga, Mindfulness Practice, Outdoor Practice

  • Outdoor/nature alignment

  • Creating Your Life Plan.


Phase 3 – Integration (Post-retreat - remote/online)

Individual sessions; Heart-Mind Coaching and Practice, Energy Therapy.



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