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Transcending Trauma Retreat

A Personal Retreat Customized for Your Transformation

with Christine Pollock, Holistic Energy Practitioner

and John Fick, CPC, ELI-MP, MSM

Transmuting Psychic Wounds to Reconnect with Your True Divine Self

“The only suitable words for my experience with Christine and John are alignment with my true self and pure love! In my time with them I felt deeply healed from past experiences, large releases and a feeling of connectedness to myself and my true nature. This has resulted in better connection with my beloved and better awareness of the right path. I feel more fulfilled by my work and more meaning in my everyday life. It has been 5 months since my retreat and I am still experiencing the impact!”

– Cheryl

Guiding Your Journey Back to Wholeness

​​Do I have Trauma?

Trauma is not just some shocking event that happened to us in the past, it includes "attachment wounding".

So yes, we all have trauma to some degree due to ancestral, cultural diversions from our true loving nature.


Trauma shows up in our lives as dysfunctional emotional reactions to other people, life situations, and our environment that can cause significant pain and suffering.  In fact, most people don’t realize they have trauma but, every time we get triggered it points to the psychic wounds of trauma.  The emotional reactions to environment and situations was created initially as a protector or coping strategy that became a default program in the subconscious. With trauma, shame and/or unworthiness often becomes the predominant view of self.  For more on trauma see our latest Blog, Reconnecting our Lost Self: Trauma & Healing the Wounds of the Past.

Does this sound like you?

If so, observe with compassion any self-criticism and congratulate yourself for recognizing this isn't you.  You're being called back home.. to yourself!

The Infinite Alignment Transcending Trauma Retreats tap into self-inquiry, curiosity, emotional vulnerability, authenticity, responsibility, self-compassion, and surrender to cultivate trauma healing. Our trauma healing experiences and practices build response flexibility, a muting or resilience to the trauma triggers that can drain our joy, peace, and ultimately our life force energy.


Our retreats take you on the “inner journey” allowing you to clear your default patterns that get you stuck in the past.  From here you can reconnect with your body, your emotions, and even your Spiritual being. The depth of our retreat experience will shed past psychic wounds and embody the true self experience. Subsequently, you will take home your unique, individualized practices that will enable you to integrate the new energy into your daily habits and patterns.   Our 3 or 4-day retreat is delivered within the 3-phase Personal Passage to Freedom Program, which includes follow-up support sessions to integrate the experience into your life and accelerate your trauma healing.


Do you feel that calling to shed the ancestral and cultural programs that are holding you back?

​Let our Transcending Trauma Retreats teach you how to dis-empower the social and familial programs that have held you back from a life of pure love, joy, and happiness.  The inner peace and self-love you experience and take home with you will melt away your psychic wounds that have created much of your life's pain and suffering!

Transcending Trauma - A Journey to Wholeness Retreat (3 - 4 days)

This retreat takes you on the “inner journey” allowing you to clear your default thinking patterns that get you stuck in the past.  From here you can reconnect with your body, emotions, and even your Spiritual being. Identify, observe, and transform trauma-inducted patterns to operate from a place of peace, passion, and purpose. The retreat includes cathartic experiences that allow psychic wounds to fall away enabling the true self to emerge. During your transformational retreat, you'll learn how to implement vital somatic and mindfulness practices that will help you regularly monitor and manage your vibrational frequency in any life circumstance. This vast expansion of consciousness is the path to  reclaiming your true divine state of being.


Includes pre-assessment, meditation & breathwork, somatic trauma release therapy, yoga, mindfulness practices, bio-energetic scan/consultation, energy & vibrational healing therapy, therapeutic bodywork, energy profile, heart-mindfulness coaching, outdoor/nature alignment, neurofeedback (brain training), life plan, and a cacao ceremony (optional).


You will learn how to integrate our unique and powerful ROSE process (Reveal, Observe, Surrender, Evolve) into your daily practice and find full life embodiment to reclaim your true divine self. Additional resources include films, videos, books, lectures, webinars and practices. Your retreat's transformational experience is integrated into your daily life through our remote post retreat sessions.

Our personal co-led retreats are scheduled based upon availability.


Our spectacular private mountain top retreat venue offers exhilaration and nurturance for the Spirit, a spacious quietude for the mind and a grounding physical energy to rest upon - see HERE for more.

Combine your Retreat with a magical vacation in the beautiful Four Corners Region - see HERE for more.


CONTACT US for more information or,
SCHEDULE YOUR DISCOVERY CALL for a customized retreat plan and pricing

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