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Heart-Mind Mastery

with John Fick 

Dissolve depression and anxiety with Heart-Mind Mastery Coaching and Neurofeedback to manifest your authentic joy, true purpose, and abundance

John’s unique and innovative Heart-Mind Mastery Program facilitates a deeper state of self-awareness, greater clarity and flow.  His deep inner coaching uncovers and releases the subconscious blockages and resistances.  From here the creation state of being evolves to help you live in a state of well-being, including good physical, emotional and Spiritual health.  When this powerful coaching is combined with Dynamical Neurofeedback (NeurOptimal), the path to Heart-Mind Mastery is accelerated beyond expectations.

John’s unique and transformational program will empower you to manifest a self-healing  state-of-being, as well as learn to follow your internal divine guidance across a wide range of areas including:

  • self-healing post disease diagnosis

  • planning holistic treatments

  • overcoming anxiety, fear, worry and stress

  • dissipating lack of self esteem

  • processing blocked energy and karma

  • spiritual unfolding

  • following the path to your true life’s purpose

  • moving toward ideal career path

  • overcoming relationship problems

  • meeting your life partner

John begins the coaching engagement using a powerful assessment tool called the Energetic Profile. The Energetic Profile highlights how you show up energetically in different life circumstances.  During this session we uncover the personal patterns that both block, as well as create happiness, well-being, and success. From here clients learn prescribed practices that release what is holding them back from living from a place of vibrant physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The Energetic Profile establishes a solid foundation for John’s Heart-Mind Mastery Coaching, as well as our Programs and Retreats.


John's coaching uses a innovative blend of one-on-one interaction synthesizing guided meditation, subconscious connection and highly perceptive questioning. His purpose is to connect with your unique higher guidance and thereby reveal your own healing power and wisdom. Through is own higher guidance he enables your higher self to dissolves blocked subconscious programming and karmic energy.

John offers the Heart-Mind Mastery Program (Coaching & Neurofeedback) at the Infinite Alignment Retreat Center in Durango, CO.  The Heart-Mind Mastery coaching is also offered remotely via phone and/or video call.


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