Bio-Energetic Medicine

with Christine Pollock

Experience relief from acute and chronic health issues.

Discover a new level of health and vitality by activating your body's own innate healing system with Bio-Energetic Medicine.

With more than three decades of research as its solid foundation, NES (Nutri-Energetic System) Health leads the world in energy and informational healthcare.  The NES Health Total WellNES System corrects energy, information, and imbalances as they arise, it allows you to stay healthy over the long term.

The NES holistic approach activates deep and lasting healing by addressing root causes, not just symptom abatement. The NES application of quantum biology, Chinese medicine, and informational medicine provides a safe and effective method for bringing the body's whole system into balance and health.

The system is a Total WellNES system engaging the NES Scan for a comprehensive scan/assessment, and then the MiHealth and Infoceuticals for prioritized therapy.  Total WellNES is complete through lifestyle consultation based on nutritional and environmental assessment results.

At Infinite Alignment Christine Pollock is a certified Practitioner for the NES Health Total WellNES System.

Christine's vast range of healing modalities (see Christine's BIO) combined with her NES Health experience delivers powerful healing results.

Overcome your health issues (fatigue, pain, stress, sleep, digestion, mental fog, emotional distress) and reclaim your vibrant energy and well-being.

"Words cannot adequately describe our unforgettable experience. Christine and John's intuitiveness, authenticity, and deep Spirituality was evident in the prescribed sessions and treatments resulting in exactly what we needed for healing. I left with a deeper spiritual connection, great meditation techniques, and several tools to promote physical healing.”

- Tina

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