Energetic Revitalization Through Higher Consciousness

Online Personal Retreats with Christine Pollock and John Fick

Are you experiencing feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and isolation in a World transforming? 

Join us for a personalized online retreat and experience higher frequencies of peace, love and joy.

Develop self-awareness, self-empowerment and consciously respond to (life’s) major challenges.

Re-Energize one’s self spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically through heart-mindfulness practices and energy healing therapies.  During your personalized day retreat you will experience a shift into higher vibrational frequencies that will energize the whole system. The practices and therapies will deepen your awareness, revitalize your body's innate healing capacity and reconnect you in a state of Oneness.

Energetic Revitalization Retreat (1 day - online)

Includes: 5 Hours - Guided Meditations, Gentle Movement, & Sacred Breath Work; Energy Profile, Heart-Mindfulness Coaching & Mindfulness Practice; Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Healing Session.  


Included is a specialized RA Source Field Tuning and Individualized Energy Activations. Immune Upgrade Protocol is available. This protocol is designed to give you an energetic and immune upgrade and create more resilience and resistance to disease in the face of viral and bacterial exposure.

Energetic Revitalization Retreat (1/2 day - online)


Includes: 3 Hours - Guided Meditation & Breath Work Session; Energy Profile & Mindfulness Practice; Resonance Alchemy Healing Session.

Individual Personalized Online Retreats

1-Day Retreat $495 

½ day retreat $325

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"I arrived feeling lost in this life. I was truly amazed at the breakthroughs I experienced while in their loving care. They are both highly skilled practitioners and complement each other. My experience was truly life changing for me. I feel more clarity and have been armed with practices for heart connection, releasing stress and feeling joy on my journey. I feel much love for these two beautiful and radiant souls! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a heartfelt and life changing experience!"

- Kathy

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