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Transformational Energy Therapy

with Christine Pollock

Transform, heal and rejuvenate as you align with your true nature.

Experience peace of mind and energetic relief from physical and emotional symptoms. 

Christine integrates a range of healing modalities and techniques to tailor a program for your needs, to ensure that you experience not only physical renewal, but complete rejuvenation on the emotional and spiritual levels as well.


Through intuitive healing and meditation techniques Christine aligns with Source Energy and establishes a bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. From this higher vibrational state, she attunes with your higher frequency of Being.  She is divinely guided on the transformational work required during a session.

It is her joy and passion to support the transformation of lives and health, and she is passionate about giving back in a way that helps others on their journey of conscious awakening, spiritual growth, and physical healing. 


Christine provides her transformational energy therapy services onsite at the Infinite Alignment retreat center as well as remotely via phone and/or Skype.

Learn more about Christine's energy healing services:

“All healing is the changing of vibrations from within – the attuning of the body to Creative Energies.” 

–  Edgar Cayce 

Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Therapy

Resonance Alchemy is a unique, heart-centered and comprehensive energy healing technique, based on the universal spiritual principles of inner alchemy and the Tree of Life. RA re-tunes your energy system using the subtle frequencies of powerful vibrational codes which activate the body’s innate healing potential. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, a Resonance Alchemy session restores and reconnects you to your original vibrational template, creating a state of profound wholeness and balance.


A Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Therapy session will identify and clear energy imbalances and blockages that may be affecting your physical, emotional or spiritual well-being including: Stress and stress patterns, back and neck pain, injuries, pathogens & toxins, digestive issues, dysfunctional emotional patterns, physical and emotional trauma, chakra & meridian imbalances, past-life & karmic influences.

Resonance Alchemy is designed and offered as a Long Distance Healing Session or in person.



CONTACT CHRISTINE for more information on Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Therapy

Sacred transformational Session

Purely a timeless, omniscient and unique experience that is designed to support you in moving through, healing, and transforming any aspects of life that prevent you from living in Pure Awakened Consciousness.


Energetic gateways open using mental, physical and spiritual alignment allowing for the Higher Self or Spirit to infuse. Advanced energy modalities and creating sacred space within enables profound self-healing to occur on all dimensions. Each session is designed to meet the requirements or point on the path for that individual. Re-establishing energetic harmony/balance, stress reduction, uplifting vibration, peaceful abiding, energetic and structural alignment, rejuvenation with mental clarity and abundant energy are a few of the benefits.


A session may include life alignment, journey work, reiki, energetic/emotional release techniques, chakra balancing, creative visualization, cranial-sacral work, sound therapy and personal dialogue–all opening your Heart more fully to live as the love and light of your true divine nature and authentic Self.


CONTACT CHRISTINE for more information on Sacred Transformational Session

AromA Therapeutic Bodywork

Experience Rejuvenation, Tranquility and Optimal Health!


A therapeutic-grade customized complex of essential oils is designed to meet your specific needs and applied. You will receive either the Raindrop Technique or an Aromatherapy Wrap. One technique employs rain-dropping oils along the spine and the other method places the oil on specific energy points of the body. Experience a highly vibrational and effective treatment that soothes, restores and creates harmonious balance throughout the body systems. Energy re-alignment, relieving mental fatigue, detoxification, reducing physical soreness and overall rejuvenation are a few of the benefits.


Truly natures holistic design of well-being leaving you feeling tranquil, relaxed and with a renewed sense of strength and regenerated mental clarity.


During an aroma-therapeutics bodywork session you may also receive hands-on work in the modality of reflexology, scalp massage, and heated stones.


CONTACT CHRISTINE for more information on Aroma Therapeutic Bodywork Session

Yoga, Meditation, & Sacred Breathwork

An Integrated Embodiment Session utilizes yoga, breath work, meditation and movement awareness as a gateway to integrate and align your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects.  Generally we are moving in the world most of the time experiencing daily life with an external focus comprised of unconscious thoughts and feelings with very little body awareness. Our focus and attention during this training will be one of an internal reflection.


This grounding experience allows for the organic expansion into our perception of true Presence. We align, embody and integrate the experience of the Inner Self. As we are grounded within our Being-ness, awareness naturally arises into each and every present moment. A deep felt sense of release occurs and we are opened and grounded into the spaciousness of our subtle energies filled with clarity, peace and joy. You are lovingly guided into this conscious state of Being where self-healing and transformation takes place.

CONTACT CHRISTINE for more information on Yoga, Meditation, & Sacred Breathwork

Resonance Alchemy
Sacred Transformation
Aroma Therapeutic Bodywork
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