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How can I be sure your Retreats and Passage to Freedom Program will work for me? 

Your personal transformational retreat and Passage Freedom Program is specifically designed to meet you individual needs. We appreciate that each person is unique as we work together with you to select and customize your Tools for Transformation & Awakening.

What are the benefits to a Personal Retreat/Program versus a Group Retreat?

Our comprehensive Retreat & Program focuses on your specific individual needs and circumstances. We can clearly address what issues are important to you and concentrate our efforts to support your life’s journey.  As the participant in a group retreat, you need to figure out which of the normalized group prescribed content and exercises apply to you and how to make them work for your life.

Are you open all Year round for Retreats?

Yes. We have flexible scheduling, including some available dates during holidays! Schedule a complementary consultation today!

Will the Retreat experience and benefits last? 

Yes and there is a personal commitment required in order to maintain your highest frequency vibration! We work with you and establish a daily life plan with specific practices that will support your Transformation Journey. We all experience set backs along the path yet if provided the right tools and resources we can easily return to a vibrant state of Being.

Is there a scheduled daily routine for the Retreat?

Yes upon arrival we will provide you with a daily schedule for your personal retreat. A simple day may include brain training, yoga, meditation &  breath work, heart-mind coaching, therapeutic body work or energy healing session. The Retreat is customized with specific modalities that resonate with your well-being. 

Where do I stay and are meals provided?

Private suite accommodations are provided on site at the Retreat Center as well as all meals, snacks and beverages.

I have specific diet restrictions are you able to modify meals for me?

Yes we are happy to make any specific food requests. We kindly request you to  identify any food specifications on your intake form.

Do you offer Scholarships or offer special pricing for low income households? 

Yes to Scholarships and occasionally we are able to offer a sliding fee scale. Please inquire about these options if you are interested.

"Words cannot adequately describe our unforgettable experience. Christine and John's intuitiveness, authenticity, and deep Spirituality was evident in the prescribed sessions and treatments resulting in exactly what we needed for healing. I left with a deeper spiritual connection, great meditation techniques, and several tools to promote physical healing.”

- Tina

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