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Life Force Energizer

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Feeling stressed out and stuck?

Try our Life Force Energizer using our simple, powerful ROSE Process!

Maybe you have attended meditation, yoga or stress reducing mindfulness classes. Or perhaps you've tried healing therapies or read books. Intellectually you understand how your life force energy works. However, it doesn’t seem to have a lasting affect. You get the same results, nothing seems to quite work for you. So you continue to feel stuck or stressed out. Life becomes a continuous struggle with one life challenge after another.

You’ve seen others full of life and energy and wondered how they maintain themselves in the midst of life’s challenges? Perhaps you’re feeling really good and all of a sudden, life seems to throw you an insurmountable curve ball that leaves you feeling helpless all over again. We have been there too.

We began looking at how it was that our life transformational retreats were so potent for our clients, empowering them to make the life changes they were inspired to make. Combining our life experience, professional development, and working deeply one-on-one with clients, it became clear that there was a powerful process that had organically evolved consistently throughout a personal transformation.

We thoughtfully considered how to define and repeat this process and referred to it as..


The Life Force Energizer Practice (above) is a microcosm example of how the ROSE Process is utilized in expanding consciousness in our life transformational 6 month programs.

We are sharing this process with you so that you too can feel re-energized with purpose joy and radiant health. Once you learn how to use the ROSE Process in your every day life, you will naturally envision a life you love. Life Force Energizer a very practical tool that you can use to experience how ROSE can transcend feelings of being stuck with chronic stress.

The recorded 18 mins video (HERE) can Re-energize your life force in the moment. It will provide you with a small sample of the 6-month transformational programs at Infinite Alignment.

We also have a shorter audio version and a downloadable PDF file HERE.

Everyone deserves to live a Magical Life they Love

We Can Help You Create the Life You Love!


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