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Dyad Meditation Practice: Reclaiming your True Self through Self Inquiry and Presence

"I found myself in a day filled with anxiety levels increasing with each experience. Thank goodness I had Dyad’s tonight to rescue me. I chose the instruction, 'Open to Stillness and notice what arises'. The transformation was profound as the deeper I went into the felt sense of stillness my inner landscape became a beautiful spacious garden in which my innocence and free spirit could dance. Yes, I released by stepping on a few thorns, but I landed on the softness of rich green moss. I slept deeply that night with great stillness".

- Excerpt from Christine’s dyad experience log -

Would you believe a 50-year-old simple practice done in pairs could take you to the next level of enlightenment?   What if you could clear out that baseline level of anxiety that you’ve had trouble shaking off?

Dyad Meditation is a Spiritual practice done in shared pairs, face-to-face, alternating as listener (or witness) and speaker (or processor-sharer). The purpose of Dyads is to connect in a safe and sacred space where participants can experience innate presence and connection with themself.

Dyad Meditation, also called Dyad Inquiry, is a practice where you meet in presence with another person to realize current blockages and new potentials. The dyad experience can stir up strong feelings and emotions. The process of listening deeply and expressing honestly allows people to connect on a deep psychic, even a soul level. The experience opens you up to the healing of wounded parts and the flowering of our soul qualities.  The practice re-connects us to our body sensations and our subconscious emotional landscape, and shows us where disconnects happen due to thoughts and beliefs. With regular practice Dyad practice re-connects us to our inner being and show us exactly what we need to see.

Dyads help us develop the capacity for self-inquiry which cultivates self-awareness.  With regular practice this self-awareness shows up as a state of peace and ease in our daily being and doing.  During the practice the witness and processor-sharer sink into a state of presence, which has a calming effect on the nervous system.  The witness cultivates a non-judgmental, compassionate state of being by energetically holding space for the processor-sharer creating a powerful human connection.  As the dyad rounds progress, the processor-sharer taps deeper into their inner wisdom, even their supper-conscious mind.  Throughout the dyad both participants cultivate a mutual compassion allowing for the potential to ignite an energetic healing effect.

How Do Dyad Meditations Work?

A single Dyad Meditation is a 40-minute practice where participants alternate roles as witness and processor-sharer.  The practice can be done live or over remote video conference.  There is a standard list of inquiry instructions, which over time can be expanded, and each participant picks an instruction for the duration of the 40-minute dyad.  The dyad witness presents the instruction to the processor-sharer and then listens (no responding, talking) holding space for the processor-sharer.  The dyad processor-sharer enters into the inner experience that the question elicits and then verbally articulates that experience.  The processor-sharer moves back and forth from silent contemplation to verbal articulation for the next 5 minutes.  The roles are then switched for the next 5 minutes.  Typically, there are 4 rounds of 5 minutes each for a 40-minute Dyad. Dyad practice is especially powerful as day-long or multi-day intensive.  With the repeated inward exploration in an intensive you begin to discover and “directly experience” the truth of who and what you are, what life is, what love is, and of what others are.

There are 2 types of instructions Clearing and Enlightening. Here are a few examples:


  • Tell me what’s here for you now

  • Tell me what keeps you from being present right now

  • Tell me how you give meaning to your thoughts 


  • Tell me who you are

  • Tell me what love is

  • Accept everything exactly as it is and tell me what arises

*What is the history of Dyad Meditations?

The Dyad movement started more than 50 years ago as a co-creation of people who were waking up to their true nature. It was introduced to the world by Charles Berner in 1968 as “The Enlightenment Intensive,” a combination of contemplation and communication. One of Berner’s early students was Robert Gonzales who later learned about Nonviolent Communication and became an NVC trainer. Robert wove together these two practices and in 2007 he created the Beauty of Needs Dyad Meditation. By merging the dyad format with NVC, Robert introduced a specific practice to help deepen the sense of presence arising in the space of relationship. HERE is Robert Gonzales’ 4-minute introduction to Dyad Meditation.

The most recent book published on this practice is… THE POWER OF DYAD MEDITATION: The New Way of Meditating in Times of Loneliness and Social Stress, Simone Anliker, published in spring of 2020.

* © 2020 Barbara C. Wiebe

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