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Resonance Alchemy Healing Sessions - Awakening the Tree of Life

My Soul’s Journey embraced the calling to become an RA practitioner days after experiencing my first private healing session with Katherine Parker in June of 2015. Yes, I indeed felt the Tree of Life Awaken within me like a puzzle synchronistically chinking all the pieces together one by one into a Divine Energetic Masterpiece. I was blown-away by this profound Healing Session. The physical sensations I experienced were tingling and lightness as the blocked energy seemed to be releasing. A deep relaxation and rejuvenation filled my body as the light and love that surrounded my subtle bodies entered the whole of my physicality. I felt energetically re-aligned into the truth of my Being-ness. There was balance, flow and perfect ease in my body and mind. It was Glorious! I was truly experiencing myself as a multidimensional Being and receiving healing on all levels.

Through the past 5 years, I have found this living dynamic healing system to be all powerful, upgrading and aligning clients body, mind, and spirit to the new planetary energies arriving continually. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in awakening their own innate healing system book a healing session today with me.

Testimony after testimony clients continually are amazed with the results of the Resonance Alchemy Healing Session(s).

"My Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Healing session with Christine was one of the most peaceful, relaxing and insightful experiences I’ve ever had. She was able to clear blockages, realign my spine (which has caused me years of discomfort), and release deep rooted pain. I encourage anyone to give it a try. Your soul will be filled with light and joy."

- Jules H. Retired Nurse, Canada

What is Resonance Alchemy?

Resonance Alchemy is a unique, heart-centered and comprehensive energy healing technique, based on the universal spiritual principles of inner alchemy and the Tree of Life. RA re-tunes your energy system using the subtle frequencies of powerful vibrational codes which activate the body's innate healing potential. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, a Resonance Alchemy session restores and reconnects you to your original vibrational template, creating a state of profound wholeness and balance. A Resonance Alchemy session will identify and clear energy imbalances and blockages that may be affecting your physical, emotional or spiritual well-being.

What are some of the issues that can be addressed:

  • Identifying and treating causes of pain

  • Clearing stress, depression & anxiety.

  • Spinal Alignment & Soft Tissue

  • Relationship Issues

  • Energetic immune function tuning

  • Detoxification and balancing

  • Detoxification and balancing of organs and glands

  • Allergy treatment and elimination

  • Identification and energetic treatment of pathogens such as virus, bacteria, and yeast infections.

  • Meridian and Five Element balancing and energizing.

  • Chakra clearing and balancing

  • Emotional balancing

  • Clearing effects of trauma

  • Past Life Clearing

Resonance Alchemy works on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How is a session held?

A private session with Christine can be held at a distance, virtually over zoom or by phone in the privacy of your own home, by appointment. In-person private healing sessions are held at the Durango Healing Retreat Center.

The remote sessions generally begin with a brief consultation with focused attention on your healing priorities. We discuss your specific needs, situation, expectations, and any issues that may be of greatest importance for you. Together we may choose to set an intention for your session and then resting comfortably perhaps listening to meditative healing sound music we begin. After establishing sacred space and preparing/invoking the healing energies I tune into your energy field aligning with your highest divine self. From here, using kinesiology, specifically a high frequency pendulum, it is determined what your body systems highest priority is for healing - basically identifying what is out of energetic balance.

The same protocols are used for in-person sessions, however you are resting comfortably and situated on a massage table fully clothed in a healing space.

What is happening during a session?

I will gently be tapping on a series of master points on your body in order to access specific fields of energy that need to be balanced. (It’s a bit like when you click on a folder to open a file on your computer!) I then use resonance frequency healing techniques of thought, energy and intention to balance your energy fields, assisting your own ’inner healer’ to restore equilibrium and harmony to all your energetic systems. I will silently be repeating sacred healing syllables. For long distance sessions I use a replica body to locate the points and tap upon them.

What happens at the end of a session?

After a session, I enjoy checking in with you to see what you experienced and share what I found out of balance in the different areas. I like to report if there were specific tunings and protocols implemented. Results and changes are usually noticed immediately. However, it may take a day or two to fully integrate the new energies. I may suggest self-care, nutritional needs or specific remedies/practices to further support your healing journey.

If you prefer to silently close the session and continue resting I will follow-up with session notes in an email and identify what you can work or focus on to care best for yourself. Sessions can be insightful, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

How many sessions will I need?

Chronic issues and deeply seated problems may take a series of (3-5-10) sessions to completely resolve or shift the energies. I recommend a two hour initial session which allows for me to connect with you and check in with your body’s innate healing system and intelligence. I then will make recommendations regarding additional sessions. At this time you may purchase sessions in packages of 3 - 90 minutes sessions.

"When I woke up yesterday I felt like I had my passion for life back. The work Christine did balanced so many things – I was able to get back into my body and feel again. I feel like my heart has expanded and I feel compassion towards all things in life and deep peace in my soul."

- Lori H. DHM (Doctor of Holistic Medicine)

For more information contact Christine Pollock - 303-582-5828

I deeply wish to express great gratitude to Katherine Parker who has guided and channeled this healing modality from listening deeply to the Planetary Light Beings. You may also purchase Katherine Parker’s book entitled Resonance Alchemy - Awakening the Tree of Life online.

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