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Return to Wholeness Meditation & Practice

How can we shift into accepting that life’s turbulence is a part of the human experience? We ignite wholeness to infuse the experience with harmony and spaciousness. We create a field of Beingness through raising our body awareness around subtle energies.

Introduction - Return to WholenessChristine Pollock

The concept of Wholeness in Life is interchangeable with our presence in life. Our divine presence equals wholeness and vice versa. Put simply, Wholeness is infinite and always here within. It gets obscured by the labeling of our experience as we interpret thoughts/feelings etc as being negative, bad or wrong. We create our own psychological suffering in every daily life.

Today I offer this living meditation/practice that will allow you to work with innate body awareness around subtle energies creating a field of Beingness. As we bring this field of energy to the foreground and notice in the everyday, we experience our life in Wholeness and all inclusive with the World around us. The world is within us and we are with the World. May you experience great benefit.

Pre-Meditation Recommendation:


Preparing the body beforehand may assist in enhancing your awareness around the subtle energies. This can be easily accomplished by doing some pelvic circles in a seated position or by standing and circling the hips. Setting the intention you are connecting the heavens above and earth below within your body.

I like to begin my daily meditations with this Wholeness Self-Alignment. Enjoy!


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Return to Wholeness MeditationChristine Pollock

In Conclusion:

I enjoy starting my meditations with this Wholeness Self-Alignment and keep coming back to it throughout the day to provide grounding support.


As you increase the frequency to navigate the journey through it, the more spacious the access between the head and the perineum will become, until eventually they are never out of touch: your thoughts will be felt in your being and new perspectives will resonate through its intelligence because the pulse of your consciousness have reunited and are always in relationship. There will be acceptance and surrender in every moment arising. And your intelligence itself will be experienced not as a contracted, local phenomena but as a field held by the vertical access in the body, as a bar magnet sustains its field.


We become aware from the pelvic bowl not from the mind. 


In our culture we have been trained to focus our attention outside of ourselves rather than our inner landscapes. To know rather than feel, to hold ideas rather than energy awareness and to the self rather than our whole. We need to return ourself to the present as a felt whole. Feeling the wholeness in which everything rests is only possible when you are able to rest in your own wholeness. once we can feel wholeness, we can allow it to guide us. There is a surrender to your wholeness a surrender to its freedom passions and truths which are deeply grounded in the security of beingness!

Here at Infinite Alignment we offer individualized Programs & Retreats for people experiencing uncertainty and distress in a radically transforming world by guiding their evolution into a higher state of consciousness.

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