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Mindfulness for Real Happiness All Day

Mindfulness for Real Happiness All day

An Infinite Alignment Workshop

March 23, 2017

5:30 – 7:30 pm

The Yoga Room

Idaho Springs, CO

Is your daily to-do list leaving you feeling overwhelmed, distressed, and empty?

Are you ready to feel grounded, creative, and fulfilled?

Basic mindfulness brings you home to the present moment where you can find peace, ease, and success in even the most challenging environments. Build continuously deepening self-awareness and reprogram your limiting default patterns through mindfulness practices. Give yourself permission to create and love your work fully and vibrantly.

Use mindfulness to create:

  • Balance, peace, and ease

  • Compassion and open-heartedness for good relationships

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Greater resilience to change and challenge

  • Greater creativity and energy

During the Mindfulness Workshop we will:

  • Explore and learn about how to be in the present moment.

  • Learn some fundamentals of the Neuroscience of Mindfulness.

  • Learn and embody the Infinite Alignment’s unique and powerful ROSE process for transformation.

  • Experience a powerful state of mindfulness through proven stealth practices.

  • Learn techniques to create an empowered state of Being at work


The Yoga Room

1424 Miner St.

Idaho Springs, CO

Cost: $25 per person

Space is limited.

Call 303 905-2205 or email

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