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Golden Milk to Reduce Inflammation and Insomnia

An Ayurvedic Healthy Drink Recipe for Bedtime

(GF, Vegan friendly, Dairy-free if you prefer)

Golden Milk's amazing benefits include:

  • Improved joint issues

  • Liver detoxification

  • Great night sleep

  • Arthritis or any type of inflammation in the body

  • Skin disorders

  • Supports your metabolism

  • Fights off colds & flu (powerful antioxidant)

Turmeric is a yellow spice from India that has been used for centuries. Active ingredient is curcumin. Turmeric stains everything so be mindful.

Step 1 - Easy to make Turmeric Paste

1/2 c of clean water (use distilled or spring)

1/4 of organic turmeric

  1. Place ingredients in small sauce pan

  2. Cook on medium low/medium setting

  3. Stir paste for 7-9 mins

Note: Paste may get a little dried out so continue to add water and stir in

Maintain consistency - medium smooth

Store in air tight glass container and refrigerate for up to 14 days.

Step 2 - Preparing Golden Milk

  1. Place 1/2 tsp of Turmeric paste in saucepan.

  2. Add 1 cup of milk (cows, unsweetened almond or coconut milk) we enjoy 1/2 goat milk + 1/2 coconut milk

  3. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp each of ginger powder and ground cinnamon. (Adds nice flavor, warmth and helps digestion). Add a dash of black pepper for better absorption of the turmeric.

  4. Heat thoroughly to low boil.

  5. If you like it a little sweeter add 1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup.

  6. Strain into a cup

  7. Add 1 tsp of good oil for extra joint lubrication. (We use flax oil, but sesame is good also).

For severe joint pain do a half a teaspoon twice a day by mouth.

For visual instruction watch this video:

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