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Mindfulness for Peace and Happiness All Day Long

A FREE Wellness Experience in Golden (Genesee), CO

Creating Balance, Peace & Ease in Every Moment!

April 20, 2017 - 12n to 1pm

Center for Spiritual Living

573 Park Point Dr., Golden, CO

Infinite Alignment has teamed up with You Define Wellness! to offer wellness talks to businesses in our Evergreen area. We invite you and your employees to experience this FREE one-hour class!

In this class you will discover how integrating basic mindfulness techniques into your daily life can bring you home to the present moment. From there you can find peace, ease, and success in even the most challenging environments.

This is an experiential workshop that includes meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness practices.

Learn practical mindfulness skills to begin to:

  • Train your mind to find peace.

  • Develop resilience to change and challenge.

  • Revitalize your physical body and health.

  • Gain mental clarity and focus.

  • Experience higher creativity and energy.

There is no cost to participate. We appreciate you sharing or inviting this event with others .

Space is limited.

To Register: RSVP HERE

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