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What is Joy?

An exercise in discerning Joy and manifesting it in our daily lives.

An awareness shift from pain and suffering into Joy.

Let us begin.

  1. Recall a minimum of 3 instances when you truly experienced Joy in your life (either alone or in a group).

  2. Reflecting upon those instances above, how does Joy manifest for you?

  3. When Joy appears in your life what are the thoughts and actions surrounding it?

  4. What lights you up?

  5. Is it any clearer why Joy is an energy of the heart and not the personality?

  6. Consider what thought streams and feeling states call forth Joy? And which ones do not?

  7. In learning this new truth, ‘intuit, discern, perceive’ how might this positively change your life? And effect others?


With this new perception around Joy, (that will greatly change human consciousness), let us visualize ourselves shifting from a place of pain and suffering to Joy. Let us recognize that the practice of Joy is a positive development for creating a new world. Joy is one of the highest vibrational energies to embody.

This joy exercise and offering comes from an "esoteric teaching and group process" - and if you are interested and would like to know more please send us a note at

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