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10 Mindfulness Practices for Happiness at Work

Mindfulness practice for Real Life - Shifting Beyond Meditation and Yoga

Unable to meditate at work? Try one of the following mindfulness practices:


1. Feeling overwhelmed? Take 3 deep centering breaths - to connect with a deeper sense of yourself.

2. Focus exclusively on doing just one thing at a time. Try this for 15mins.

3. Bring a few moments of sound awareness to your work space. Stop, listen and observe your response.

4. Go for a walk, preferably outdoors. Practice walking meditation.

5. Let go of hand tension. Notice how you are gripping objects - a steering wheel, a cup or pen, for instance.

6. Nourish yourself! Eat lunch mindfully and with gratitude. Use all your senses - eyes, smell, taste to enjoy each mouthful.

7. Before a meeting or a call offer Loving-Kindness to all others in attendance.

8. On an upcoming conversation, resolve to listen more and speak less.

9. Try using “I feel” instead of “you” in conversations and communications.

10. Observe your body language (face - smiling, eyes - soft gaze, posture - straight spine etc.) while communicating with others.

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