Why Bio-Energetic Informational Medicine?

What’s all the hoopla about this new breakthrough Bio-Energetic Informational Medicine?

As 15 year veteran Holistic Health Practitioners and Mindfulness Coach/Teachers, we are thrilled to introduce Bio-Energetic Informational Medicine into our Retreats and Practice.

Are you tired of going from doctor to doctor and spending large sums of money on blood work, appointments, treatments, prescription medications and supplements that don’t seem to be improving your health? YES!

Have you tried numerous diets, juice fasts, cleanses, body detoxification methods and after awhile still end up feeling exhausted, anxious, foggy in the mind with digestion issues as well as poor sleep patterns? YES!

Well, Bio-Energetics is the answer to Revolutionize your Health!

What is Bio-Energetic Informational Medicine and what are the health benefits for you? How does it work? Let’s begin.

By definition Bio-Energetics is the study of energy in living systems. Energy is the basis of everything that happens in the body – we are comprised primarily of energy. The body needs a lot of energy - energy is needed in order to heal, in order to feel good - to sleep well or even be in a positive mood.

Human Body Field - HBF

During his 30 years of research (Quantum Physics, Quantum biology & Chinese Medicine) an Australian Acupuncturist named Peter Fraser discovered that all biochemical and energetic activity within complex organisms is regulated by a unifying field, he called the Human Body Field (HBA).

Everything in the body has its own field of energy; organs, nerves, muscles, stomach… adding energy to these body fields enables the body’s natural healing capability. He mapped the body’s energy field, called the Human Body Field (HBA) – you can’t see it, as its holographic. The HBA is dynamic. It consistently reacts to bodily and environmental changes as it seeks to maintain homeostasis.

Fundamental to the operation of the HBA is information exchange - coordinated in regulating all activities in the body. Without information the body would fall apart since every atom, molecule, tissue needs to know what it should be doing. Similar to a telecommunications system getting all the correct information to the right person at precisely the right time.

Energetic Drivers - ED’s

He determined the HBF is powered by 16 energetic drivers - ED’s (i.e., liver, heart, kidney, cell, muscle, nerve). Drivers generate specific energy fields that combine to energize the structure of the HBF - they are mutually interdependent. The EDs can be damaged by emotional stress, toxins, and any shock or trauma.

Energetic Integrators - EI’s

He continued to identify that the HBF is divided into 12 compartments called energetic integrators. Each integrator is responsible for regulating specific activities ensuring that correct information is passed from one specific area of the body to another.

Integrators can be damaged by a number of factors, including toxic interference, micro-organisms, electromagnetic pollution, heavy metals, basically anything that creates disruption or damage to the body field.

The energetic system is quite complex and NES has a very simple way of showing exactly where that energy is compromised and how to charge your physical body, as well as your emotional system so you can feel energized with optimal health.