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The Perfect Gift - Feeling Good

Happy Holidays from Infinite Alignment!

Valid through December 30th!

Feel Good Infoceuticals - More INFO

Choose 1 “Feel Good” Infoceutical Package (see below) for $135* and Receive a Complimentary Bio-Scan and Review (30mins)

**Standard Feel Good Packages:

Holiday De-Stressor

Peace, Source, Polarity, ESR, Chill (eve)

Rest and Sleep

Sleep, Source, Nerve Driver, Peace or ESR, Chill (eve)

Emotional Balance & Mental Clarity

Polarity, Heart Imprinter, Heart Driver, Love,

ESR (Emotional Stress Release)

*5 Infoceuticals, shipping not Incl.

** Customized packages available


A Bio-Scan & Professional Consultation - $100, and receive a complimentary Energy Frequency Treatment - Value $70

For more information CONTACT US

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