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A Simple Release Ritual for Fall Equinox

With this letter writing burn ritual, observe what is out of balance in your life and release them into the universe. Observing yourself gaining a felt sense of the emotions surrounding that which you wish to release and allow for purification of your Being.

What is out of balance in your life? Are you doing more than being, giving more than receiving? What is absorbing your life force energy and feels contracting and out of right relationship?

Remember to be compassionate with yourself and know that releasing the old can feel like loss and grief may arise. Don’t be afraid to let the tears fall as they are a wonderful form of self-love. Healing maybe initiated in layers, so as space opens within, fill yourself with power, light and love.

Taking that first step toward coming into balance can be as simple as writing a letter. Use this powerful healing ritual to allow yourself to release what is out of balance in your life and create space for your new self.

Letter Writing-Burn Ritual

In this ritual you may work with either the fire or earth element, your preference. If you prefer to work with the earth element vs. fire, or live in a place where it’s not safe to use fire, you may bury your letter connecting your words with Gaia. Our blessed Mother Earth will naturally compost away what you desire to cleanse and thus make room for the new.

Tools you can use:

  • Pen and paper (blue ink activates the throat chakra, allowing you to express your truth, orange or yellow for personal power, green for heart center - your choice get creative)

  • Intention candle, incense, sage, palo santo.

  • Lighter or matches

  • A fire-safe pot, fireplace or outdoor fire pit

  • The outdoor ground

Step 1: Create your sacred space of intention and light your candle.

Step 2: Write down all you wish to release this Equinox.

Step 3: Light the paper and drop into the fire to burn safely as you envision your words being carried out to the universe, with trust that your message is released to be received. Or bury your note in the ground knowing Mother Earth will be receiving and composting your words.

Step 4: Place your hands over your heart center and feel the gratitude that your message has been received.

Step 5: Contemplate what do you want your life to feel like? What would you like to create during this new potent Equinox energy portal? What will bring you into greater alignment with your Source energy? This is a time of initiating a new self, a new expression and a new experience. Take a few minutes in silence to envision and feel the new you energies.

More importantly this is about shifting your perspective of yourself and how you are in the world creating a great sense of your true divine self with love.

Close your Ritual by blowing out your candle.

The action of physically writing out your emotions is really helpful in giving you new perspective. It allows you to take all that you’ve been holding inside and become an observer to the emotions rather than just feeling them, giving you clarity and peace.

We wish you the greatest of blessings on your quest to release old, obsolete energies. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help along your journey should you need it. Learn more about Infinite Alignment and Schedule your Discovery Call HERE.

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