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Overcoming Overwhelm - Heart-Mindfulness Tips

How do you deal with the feeling of Overwhelm?

Our Heart-mindfulness tip this month is on overcoming overwhelm.

These tips are about working with the energy or the feeling of overwhelm. When you get the energy moving in the right direction you’ll be much more efficient solving problems and prioritizing.

Here are 2 tips that will help you overcome overwhelm:

  1. Slow down - move slower in everything you are doing. This will create space for awareness to arise.

  2. Focus on observing by keying into your senses as your doing your tasks - touch, sight, or sounds.

These tips will help shift your energy into a high vibration where you can move with peace and ease, as well as be more productive. I encourage you to try this and through the comments below let me know how it worked for you.

Note: With any mindfulness practice when just beginning it is best to learn from an experienced teacher.

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