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7 Simple Tips to Being in Alignment

Alignment is an inward felt sense of being balanced, grounded and centered (body mind and spirit) amidst the chaos and instability of the outer world – a state of Being Aligned with your true authentic Self and Life Purpose.

It's being in balance with the heavens above and ground with the Earth below. And it's easier than you think, if you just begin with these seven simple steps:

  1. Establish daily mindfulness practices: meditation; conscious breathing; sitting in stillness; focused mind and body awareness, centering/grounding techniques; affirmations/mantras; conscious eating & exercising.

  2. Increase Mind-Body Awareness: Start an energy healing movement practice (yoga, Tai Chi, dance, pilates, qigong, mindful walking)

  3. Limit mind consumption: Avoid news, TV, movies, internet that trigger anxiety, sadness, or anger. Reduce texting and social media.

  4. Connect with nature: go for hike; BE outside in a quiet place; gaze outside at nature, the sky, the landscape-connect.

  5. Stay Grounded: Discover what grounds you and do more of it; fun with friends, read a good book, hobbies, recreation, self-care.

  6. Healthy Relationship(s): Being compassionate and respectful towards oneself and others; daily self-care, develop effective communication and listening skills; setting boundaries; limit people that feel toxic or create drama in your life.

  7. Infinite Alignment: Book a personal or group retreat; reserve an vibrational healing or mindfulness coaching session; enjoy a free breath work webinar with us; take a Mindfulness workshop. CONTACT John or Christine to get started today!

CLICK TO LISTEN to our Conscious Breathwork for Energetic Alignment, a free streaming audio meditation, here.

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