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Kundalini Practice with Breath-Work Class

Are you Ready?… to Start the Glow and Energetically Align? Introducing.. Kundalini, Sacred Breath-work, Chant & Meditation!

3 Introductory Classes at Studio B Evergreen

February 22, March 22 and April 26, 4:30-5:30pm

A powerful, high vibrational class that creates energetic alignment within. All yoga levels are welcomed, as we begin with the basic series of movements and breath exercises. The movements are simple yet repetitive as our focused attention is on the breath and inward gaze. As we tune in deep within ourselves you are able to go at your own pace listening to your body. And yes! if you like there will be opportunity for you to express your true-self using sacred chant/mantra. Just say YES!


  • Energetic Shifts - Using the Body & Breath

  • Increased Health and Vibrant Life Force

  • True Happiness & Bliss

  • Purify the Mind

  • Feel Intelligent and Beautiful

  • Radiant Body

  • Develop Diamond-like Awareness!

or Call studio B at 720 202-8772

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