• Christine Pollock

Breath Awareness

Stop and notice how you are breathing at the moment. Are you even breathing at all?

Are you taking in shallow, quick breaths? Or deep, slow breaths?

If your breaths are shallow and quick, you may not be present in your body, caught up instead in the thoughts of your mind.

Deep slow breaths can take you to a place a awareness and living presence. Of improved well-being, oneness and a connection to body, mind and spirit.

For more details, explore the chart below.

Did you know that Conscious Breathing if practiced for just 10 seconds can provide centering? Just 1-2 minutes can put your mind and body at ease, and 5-10 minutes can bring you deep calm and inner peace.

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"I arrived feeling lost in this life. I was truly amazed at the breakthroughs I experienced while in their loving care. They are both highly skilled practitioners and complement each other. My experience was truly life changing for me. I feel more clarity and have been armed with practices for heart connection, releasing stress and feeling joy on my journey. I feel much love for these two beautiful and radiant souls! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a heartfelt and life changing experience!"

- Kathy

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