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A Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

Updated: May 10, 2020

Provided below are two powerful and uplifting videos entitled, “The Great Pause” and “The Great Realisation”. Although two different presentations, there are several common themes of consciousness interwoven around awakening from illusion and creating a New World.




We have just experienced the world stopping, a once in a lifetime event. Setting forth time for us to ponder and evaluate all the unique facets of our lives. Taking a deep breath in we are noticing all the waste and wonders of our world, the beautiful and painful truths, the plenty and the poverty, the loving kindness for each other and the fears within.

What has been arising for you during this stay at home period? Perhaps there has been some deep truths revealed for you. I invite you to pay attention to how you have been feeling and take a moment to journal.

A few experiences and observations reflected upon include:

  • Clear blue skies over large cities

  • Great appreciation for the outdoors, nature and the planet

  • An increase in loving kindness towards one another

  • Our hearts opening through compassion and grief

  • A pleasure in moving slower and doing less.

Are we re-awakening to our true values and what creates a joyous pulse in our lives? Are we realizing how intimately our lives are interrelated with the planet and the greed and selfishness has exploited Mother Earth. Are we considering how we have been living in an illusion with false beliefs around the economy, healthcare, politics, the World and the environment.

There is no normal anymore only an opportunity to reclaim and create a new World that aligns and resonates with each of our deepest souls desire. Let’s dream together and shift towards a better world for all!

This has been a blessing in disguise, perhaps a miracle. Instead of fear and worry we can bring about a whole new level of freedom most of us have not experienced.

Let us embrace a new lifestyle and make the paradigm shift. Reach out and hug someone today (even if its virtual)!

We here at Infinite Alignment offer our 3-day Life Transformational Retreat to shift you from living in a fear-based reality to a heart centered world - filled with love. Let go of the status quo and start creating a life you love filled with peace, joy and purpose. Included in the retreat is a focus on techniques to optimize your immune system and raising your vibrational energy.

Also, we offering a special 1-day personalized online Energetic Revitalize Retreat. This online retreat can be delivered virtually online. This day retreat is perfect for those wishing to learn the practices of mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork. We will be clearing energetically blocked immune systems through these practices and supplementing with vibrational healing and heart-mindfulness coaching sessions. The focus of this retreat will be protection viruses and fear using healing protocols.

For more information and pricing CONTACT US at 303-582-5828.

For those in need of support scholarships are available.

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