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Mindfulness in the Outdoors

Feeling anxious, ungrounded, or frustrated? For a quick and effective fix, try experiencing being mindful in nature.

Experience nature as a powerful healing antidote!

Mindfulness in Nature Practice

Here is a basic practice for BEing mindful in the outdoors:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit quietly.

  2. Observe your surroundings, let go of thoughts.

  3. Stay focused without distractions.

  4. Bring awareness to your senses, notice what sensations are arising.

  5. Relax and enjoy being in the present moment!

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein

Being outdoors enlivens our senses and reconnects us with the earth and all living things. As we move mindfully in nature we openly feel the connection with living energy and shed our fearful sense of isolation. Our natural awareness heightens and re-connects us with our physical body and emotional responses. Nature takes us out of our daily patterns and aligns us with our true self in the present moment.

Align in nature today with one of our Personal Retreats. Call 303-218-0169 to schedule!

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