Finding Truth in a Delusional World: 6 Mindfulness Practices for Inner Wisdom

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We live in a world of extreme opposites that are disconnecting us. Extreme perspectives around beliefs are rapidly expanding divisiveness globally, regionally (country), and locally in our culture. This dangerous trend has elevated fear and cultivated an epidemic of anxiety and hopelessness.

My story, perhaps like many of yours, is about discovering myself asleep at the wheel of inner truth. I became hypnotized into clicking online media that secured a membership of an external collective belief system – also known as confirmation bias. I had become recruited into an ideological jet-stream of information, sometimes even without regard for the source. During my mindfulness practice I became aware that I was entangled in a collective consciousness that stoked the fire of my fears, judgements, and past traumas. I realized that my mind had become hijacked.

The contentious issue that especially pushed my buttons was the mask vs. no-mask, pandemic vs. plandemic polarity. I was getting tweaked daily by the Facebook/YouTube prescribed feeds that are designed to collect clicks based on the confirmation bias drug. The more I was pulled into the runaway train of collective consciousness, the more I felt my wellbeing wither. The chemistry of contention, frustration, fear and hopelessness took over my body, mind and spirit. It had become an adrenal addiction to a destructive chemistry that was simmering in my subconscious mind.

In discussion with clients, friends, and family my experience is a typical story. We are manifesting personal and collective anxiety by chasing after perceived external truths in a world of delusions. As we wake up, we increasingly mistrust the integrity of media delivered information. Fact-checkers are now the next level source for identifying truth, and they also present a distortion factor. Whether it is healthcare, politics, economics, or spirituality we are craving truth and wisdom through a relentless search for reliable sources of information.

At the same time we’re fixated on right vs. wrong, light vs. darkness and grasping to our position in the struggle for truth. We are gripping tighter and tighter to our beliefs reinforcing a myopic perspective of the world and reality around us. This right vs. wrong, good vs. bad duality consciousness is creating conflict, frustration, fear, and anxiety. It’s compromising our immune system and well-being: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Relationships are also being damaged in the process.

How do we shift out of this destructive energetic addiction? How do we seek OUR truth? In my personal journey I have found focused mindfulness practices to be an effective way out of this energetic, life force compromising trap. For inner wisdom seekers here are 6 Mindfulness Practices to step back, expand, and claim ownership of real truth, your inner truth:

1. Gauge the Impact of News Sources on Your Energy: Notice how you feel before you watch your news, media source.On scale of 1-10 do you feel (1) very anxious to (10) very calm? Begin watching your current media source and pay close attention to the energy the news reporter(s) (or interviewer, interviewee) is broadcasting. Close your eyes. On scale of 1-10 do you feel (1) very anxious to (10) very calm? How much of this broadcasted energy are you taking on internally?

2. Find Replacement Media that is Uplifting: Limit intake or disconnect completely from the media sources that trigger negative emotions. Seek out and follow visionaries, positive thinkers and teachers. For news information sources, seek more objective and non-sensationalized sources – preferably print-based or written media.

3. Observe the Big Picture: Imagine stepping back from planet earth observing the human race as a single entity using *OBSERVE practices. Ask yourself, “how have we (the human race) arrived at this place?” If/when judgement arises, shift to feelings of care and compassion - using *SURRENDER & *EVOLVE practices. Pay attention to anything your inner truth reveals in this moment.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi