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10 Steps to Reclaim Your Life Force Energy in 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Vitality - Clarity - Alignment

We are primarily made up of energy, so it’s no surprise that life force is critical to our well-being. Life force energy enables us to experience life to its fullest, without it our bodies cannot survive. When life force is in short supply we feel ungrounded, lethargic, depressed, and even struggle with moving through life. Integrating conscious intention empowers us to move into higher states of mental and emotional energy that can revitalize our physical and subtle bodies.

The following are 10 practices that will increase life force energy.

1) BEing in the Outdoors

Earth energy. Breathing fresh outdoor air charges our body with vital energy. Sunlight rejuvenates our energy. Experience water as a vital source of energy though drinking it, being in it (swimming or soaking), or just appreciating it in nature (rivers, streams, lakes, oceans). Connect with earth as it has a powerful electro-magnetic energy. Ground yourself to mother earth with your bare feet, as you charge up your life force battery!

2) Food

Energize your body with fresh living organic food. Bless your food and be grateful for cultivating a loving meal. As energetic beings our life force energy naturally charges up through eating live foods due to sunlight held within plants.

3) Sleep

A good night’s sleep, equates to having good energy throughout the day. Studies show that deep sleep is the most physically restorative. Growth hormone is emitted during deep sleep, the hormone that tells tissue to repair itself after a long day of activity.

4) Meditation

Meditation is well documented as a means to decrease anxiety and move in the world with flow and ease. A regular daily meditation practice creates resilience and equanimity that supports us to maintain our life force energy. Energy flows more freely through our physical and subtle bodies as we acquire a higher state of being. Learn more about mindfulness and meditation HERE.

5) Breathwork

Cellular respiration is when your body cells use the oxygen you breathe to get energy from the food you eat. During cellular respiration the cell uses oxygen to break down sugar which produces the energy your body needs. Low and shallow breathing is a byproduct of low mind-body energy. Rapid and deep breathing can swing your energy gauge in the opposite direction. When you breathe deeply the extra air you take in not only contains oxygen, but also Prana, the vital life force that animates all living things. An ancient art of Pranayama, the governance of life force through the breath, is an extremely powerful tool for the optimization of mind-body energy. Learn more about conscious breath practice HERE.

6) Movement / Exercise

Studies have shown that the more you move the more energy you will feel. This is explained by the mitochondria found in every cell of the body. When you move the body makes mitochondria to meet your energy needs. The more mitochondria you have, the greater the boost to your metabolism and the resulting energy. Learn more about Integrated Embodiment HERE.

7) Positive Affirmations

When we’re experiencing life with positive thoughts and emotions the flow of energy to our body is positive. Negative thoughts and emotions drain our life force energy. Affirmation practice retrains your brain to shift repetitive limiting thoughts and beliefs into new empowering positive intentions and energy. We affirm either positive or the negative intentions with each thought. Our habitual thought patterns and stories have shaped our beliefs throughout our lives, especially when we were young.

8) Loving Kindness / Compassion

Love is the highest vibrational frequency of the universe. When we radiate a signal of love for ourselves and others we are rewarded with powerful rejuvenating life force energy. Conversely low frequencies of fear, guilt, low self-esteem, anger, and blame drain our life force.

9) Laughter

Joyful laughter, is living like a child, with beginner’s mind. Laughter produces hormones such as Dopamine and Endorphins generating a higher vibration energy. Seriousness in life tends to block our flow of energy.

10) PASSAGE TO FREEDOM 2020 Program & Retreat

The PASSAGE TO FREEDOM 2020 Program & Retreat is designed to free you from struggles and limiting self-beliefs so that you can awaken your inner purpose and vibrant energy. Everyone’s path to Freedom is unique. That's why in 2020 group collaboration, individual sessions, and retreats will provide you with the breakthrough to revitalize your energy! We invite you to join us for your personalized PASSAGE TO FREEDOM 2020 to reclaim your energy and create the magical life of your dreams.

Experience the above practices and much more to revitalize life force energy at a Passage to Freedom Retreat and Program. Learn more HERE.

Consciously creating energy in our body field / body is living as an energy aware being of the 21st century. As we expand our consciousness, we become aware of the complexities of our energy and how we move in the world. Having known energy boosting techniques is key to getting the most of our physical life force.

For more information on our PASSAGE TO FREEDOM 2020 Group & Personal Retreats & Programs CONTACT US or schedule a COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION.

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